Survivor: Pulau Tiga

Survivor cast

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Series Description

Survivor: Pulau Tiga was a 60 minute competitive reality TV show on CBS. Stranded on the island of Pulau Tiga in the South China Sea, sixteen contestants had to survive mother nature with a very limited food supply. They also competed against each other for rewards and temporary immunity from dismissal from the competition. The last contestant on the island was the "Ultimate Survivor" and won One Million Dollars! This was the first season of the Survivor TV show.

Survivor Cast

Jeff Probst: Host


Richard Hatch .... One Million Dollar Winner
Kelly Wiglesworth
Rudy Boesch
Susan Hawk
Colleen Haskell
Dirk Been
Gervase Peterson
Greg Buis
Gretchen Cordy
Jenna Lewis
Joel Klug
Ramona Gray
Sean Kenniff
Sonja Christopher
Stacey Stillman
B.B. Andersen

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

  1. The Marooning (5/31/2000)
  2. The Generation Gap (6/7/2000)
  3. Quest For Food (6/14/2000)
  4. Too Little Too Late? (6/21/2000)
  5. Pulling Your Own Weight (6/28/2000)
  6. Udder Revenge (7/5/2000)
  7. The Merger (7/12/2000)
  8. Thy Name Is Duplicity (7/19/2000)
  9. Old And New Bonds (7/26/2000)
  10. Crack In The Aliiance (8/2/2000)
  11. Long Hard Days (8/9/2000)
  12. Death Of An Alliance (8/16/2000)
  13. The Final Four (8/23/2000)
  14. Survivor: The Reunion (8/23/2000)

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