Strange Frequency

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Strange Frequency Cast

Series Description

Strange Frequency was a 30 minute anthology horror series on VH1.

Strange Frequency Cast

Roger Daltry .... Host

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Strange Frequency - The First And Only Season

  1. Soul Man (8/18/2001)
  2. Cold Turkey (8/25/2001)
  3. Don't Stop Believing (9/1/2001)
  4. Room Service (9/8/2001)
  5. My Generation (9/22/2001)
  6. A Change Will Do You Good (9/29/2001)
  7. Disco Inferno (10/6/2001)
  8. Room Service (10/20/2001)
  9. Time Is On My Side (10/22/2001)
  10. More Than A Feeling (10/29/2001)
  11. Don't Fear The Reaper (11/10/2001)
  12. Daydream Believer (Not Originally Aired)
  13. Instant Karma (Not Originally Aired)

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