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Stoney Burke was a 60 minute western action series on ABC about a contemporary rodeo rider whose main goal in life was to become the world's champion bronco rider and win the coveted "Golden Buckle". Along the way he runs into about every despicable villian that one could imagine.

Stoney Burke Cast

Jack Lord .... Stoney Burke
Warren Oates .... Ves Painter
John Anderson .... Bruce Austin
Casey Tibbs .... Himself
Lex Connelly .... Cowboy
Bruce Dern .... E.J. Stocker
George Mitchell .... Cal Bristol (1962)
Robert Dowdell .... Cody Bristol (1963)
Bill Hart .... Red (1963)
Ted de Corsia .... Burlington (1963)
Joe Maross .... Vince Patterson (1963)
Buck Taylor .... Mule (1963)

Stoney Burke Trivia

Unfortunately, Stoney Burke didn't last long enough for Stoney to win the coveted "Golden Buckle".

After the series ended, Jack Lord continued to make public appearances at rodeos as Stoney Burke. He even performed rope tricks and sang some country/western songs!

Stoney Burke was pretty accurate as to the life of a rodeo rider (except for all the violence). Casey Tibbs who was a long-standing rodeo champion acted as consultant for the series. Casey was also a founder of the "Rodeo Cowboys Association".

Stoney Burke had some pretty stiff competition in its Monday night from 9 to 10PM eastern time slot. CBS was airing "Make Room for Daddy" (a.k.a. "The Danny Thomas Show) and "The Andy Griffith Show" during that same hour.

In addition to being a great actor, Jack Lord was a pretty terrific artist! The New York Metropolitan Museum acquired one of his paintings before Jack's twentieth birthday and so did the British Museum of Modern Art! Star Trek fans will be interested to know that Jack was seriously considered for the role of Captain James T. Kirk on the original Star Trek series. When he told Gene Roddenberry and Lucille Ball who was the President of Desilu Studios that he would only agree to take the part if he could co-produce and get a percentage ownership, they quickly looked further for the role. Congratulations William Shatner! While training at the actor's studio, Jack enjoyed the company of fellow students, "Marlon Brando", "Paul Newman", and "Marilyn Monroe". Of course, Jack's best remembered for his role as "Detective Steve McGarrett" on the series, "Hawaii Five-0". He must have loved those islands because when he passed away in 1998 from heart failure, he left $40 million to the "Hawaii Community Foundation".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Stoney Burke - The First and Only Season

  1. The Contender (10/1/1962)
  2. Fight Night (10/8/1962)
  3. Child Of Luxury (10/15/1962)
  4. Point of Honor (10/22/1962)
  5. The Mob Riders (10/29/1962)
  6. A Matter of Pride (11/5/1962)
  7. Sidewinder (11/12/1962)
  8. The Scavenger (11/19/1962)
  9. Spin A Golden Web (11/26/1962)
  10. The Wanderer (12/3/1962)
  11. Five By Eight By Eight (12/10/1962)
  12. Bandwagon (12/17/1962)
  13. Cousin Eunice (12/24/1962)
  14. Gold Plated Maverick (1/7/1963)
  15. Death Rides a Pale Horse (1/14/1963)
  16. King Of The Hill (1/21/1963)
  17. A Matter Of Percentage (1/28/1963)
  18. Image Of Glory (2/4/1963)
  19. Cat's Eyes (2/11/1963)
  20. Webb of Fear (2/18/1963)
  21. Point of Entry (3/4/1963)
  22. To Catch The Kaiser (3/11/1963)
  23. Joby (3/18/1963)
  24. Forget No More (3/25/1963)
  25. Color Him Lucky (4/1/1963)
  26. Weapons Man (4/8/1963)
  27. Kelly's Place (4/15/1963)
  28. Kincaid (4/22/1963)
  29. A Girl Named Amy (4/29/1963)
  30. Tigress by the Tail (5/6/1963)
  31. The Test (5/13/1963)
  32. The Journey (5/20/1963)

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