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Series Description

The Star Trek TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series on NBC that's best described by its opening dialog which was read by William Shatner: "Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before."

Those words were eagerly anticipated each week by millions of fans who dreamt of exploring the galaxy. While Star Trek may appear outdated to some today, it was by far the best produced "hard" science fiction ever seen on television at the time with a terrific cast! And in addition to the (1960s) realism, we also got bravery, heroism, and action! Seeing people from different races working together as equals ... respect for those of different customs, different beliefs and even different species! Yes, this series was much, much more than the typical sci-fi show of its day!

Star Trek Cast

William Shatner ... Captain James Tiberius Kirk
Leonard Nimoy .... First Officer/Science Officer Lt. Cmdr./Commander Spock
DeForest Kelley ... Chief Medical Officer Lt. Cmdr. Leonard Horatio McCoy (Bones)
James Doohan .... Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery Scott (Scotty)
Walter Koenig .... Security Chief/Navigator Ensign Pavel Andreievich Chekov
Nichelle Nichols .. Communications Officer Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
George Takei .... Flight Control Officer Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
Majel Barrett .... Christine Chapel, R.N.
Grace Lee Whitney . Yeoman Janice Rand

Theme Song

Title: "Star Trek"

By: "Alexander Courage"

Beyond the rim of the starlight,
my love is wandring in star flight.
I know he'llfind
In star clustered reaches
Love, strange love
A starwoman teaches.

I konw his journey ends never.
His Star Trek will go on forever.
But tell him while
He wanders his starry sea,
Remember me.

Star Trek Trivia Questions:

Answers are below

1. In which state did James Kirk grow up?
2. Which two regular Star Trek cast appeared in the unaired pilot episode?
3. What do William Shatner and John Lithgow (3rd Rock From the Sun) have in common?
4. Which orignial Star Trek episode had scenes that were used in a Deep Space Nine episode?
5. On which 1964 TV show (not Star Trek) did William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy play adversaries?
6. In what movie did Deforest Kelley co-star with Bette Davis & Susan Hayward
7. Which episode introduced Zefrem Cocharan as the man who invented warp drive?
8. Which Film did William Shatner appear in that was also John Travolta's film debut?
9. In which episode does James Kirk say, "Da Federation is takin' ova"
10. Who gave the "go-ahead" to start production on Star Trek?
11. How much money has Paramount Studios earned since they bought the rights to Star Trek Productions?

Star Trek Trivia Answers:

See Questions Above

1. James Kirk was born in Iowa.
2. Leonard Nimoy and Majel Barrett
3. They both played the guy that went crazy in the airplane when he saw a gremlin on the wing on The Twilight Zone TV show. William Shatner in the original Twilight Zone series episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet & John Lithgow in Twilight Zone: The Movie.
4. The Trouble With Tribbles
5. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. episode "The Project Strigas Affair"
6. The 1964 murder drama "Where Love Has Gone"
7. "Metamorphosis" - Remember the "Cloud Creature" that loved Zefrem Cocharan?
8. Devil's Rain about a family that's being followed by a Devil Worshipping cult
9. "A Piece of the Action" where mobsters run the planet Iotia
10. Lucille Ball decided to produce the series at Desilu Studios against the advice of her business advisors!
11. They have earned nearly $2 Billion! Paramount got a real bargain when they bought those rights in 1967 from Desilu Studios along with the rights to several other TV series for only $17 Million!

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