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Series Description

The Squirrel Boy cartoon show was a 30 minute kids cartoon series on the cartoon network about a nine-year-old boy whose best friend is a talking squirrel that gets the boy into one crazy mess after another.

Squirrel Boy Characters


Pamela Adlon .... Andy Johnson
Richard Steven Horvitz .... Rodney J. Squirrel
Kurtwood Smith .... Mr. Bob Johnson
Tom Kenny .... Leon the Blue Squirrel
Carlos Alazraqui .... Salty Mike the Parrot
Nancy Sullivan .... Mrs. Lucille "Lucy" Johnson
Billy West .... Kyle
Jason Spisak .... Oscar
Charles Shaughnessy .... Archie the Rabbit
Susan Boyajian .... Bearded Lady
Mona Marshall .... Mrs. Flatbottom
Monica Lee Gradischek .... Dariene the Squirrel

Squirrel Boy Trivia

You might think that you've heard Andy Johnson's name somewhere but can't remember where or when. That's probably because he was named after Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States!

This series was created by Everett Peck who also created the series, "Duckman".

As in most cartoon series, Squirrel Boy had a villain. His name was Kyle and he was a bully who bullied Andy, Rodney and was mean to pretty much every other character on the show.

Unlike many cartoon shows that are set in a ficticious locale, Squirrel Boy took place in a real-life city of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Rodney once saved Andy's father from choking to death but Mr. Johnson still didn't like Rodney because of all the trouble he got Andy into but that didn't keep them from working together, if necessary, when Andy was in trouble or in danger.

At nine-years-old, Andy was a bit young to have a serious girlfriend but Rodney was obviously romantically interested in the beautiful stray squirrel named Darlene.

Squirrel Boy must have totally taken place during vacation time because none of the kids on the show were ever shown in school.

Andy played on a Little League baseball team called "The Fighting Worms". The team had Andy's dad as its coach when the series first began and then Rodney eventually took over so that he had even more opportunities to cause mischief.

Rodney had an overwhelming desire to eat sticky buns. It was so bad that he'd even place his life in danger to get them!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. A Line In The Sandwich / Tree for Two (5/29/2006)
  2. Scout's Dishonor / Andy Had a Little Squirrel (7/14/2006)
  3. The Big Haggle Hassle / Rolling Blunder (7/21/2006)
  4. Born to be Mild / Yer Out! (7/28/2006)
  5. Best of Best Friends / The Hairy Truth (8/4/2006)
  6. Up All Night / Pool For Love (8/11/2006)
  7. Islands in the Street / Speechless (8/18/2006)
  8. What's Sung is Sung / Wall of the Wild (9/8/2006)
  9. The Greatest Schmo On Earth / Outta Sight (9/15/2006)
  10. Harried Treasure / Rod Squad (9/22/2006)
  11. The Endangered Species Twist / The Trojan Rabbit (11/3/2006)
  12. Birthday Boy / Freaky Fur Day (11/10/2006)
  13. Hole In The Story / Screw-Up In Aisle Six (11/24/2006)
Season 2
  1. Family Crude / Flatbottom's Up (2/2/2007)
  2. Eddie or Not ... / Trouble Date (2/9/2007)
  3. Winner Fake All / Rodney Darling (2/16/2007)
  4. Frag the Dog / The Grim Cheaper (2/23/2007)
  5. Tree House Broken / My Brand New Salty Mike (4/6/2007)
  6. Stranger Than Friction / Don't Cross Here (4/9/2007)
  7. More Flower to You / New it or Lose it (4/13/2007)
  8. Get a Lifeboat / Bully for You (8/23/2007)
  9. Ice Cream Anti Social / Dog & Phony Show (8/30/2007)
  10. He Got Blame / I Only Have Eye For You (9/24/2007)
  11. Diss and Make Up / Be Careful What You Fish For (9/25/2007)
  12. Don't Pet On It / Bunny and the Beak (9/26/2007)
  13. Gumfight at the S'Okay Corral / Stan, Corrected (9/27/2007)

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