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The Space Above And Beyond TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series on the FOX Network about the 58th squadron of the U.S. Marine Corps Space Aviator Cavlary and their mission. They must protect the Earth and its settlements on other planets from the "Chigs". They are an alien race who attacked two settlements and started an interstellar war!

Space Above And Beyond Cast

James Morrison .... Lt. Col. T.C. McQueen / Narrator
Morgan Weisser .... Nathan West
Rodney Rowland .... Cooper Hawkes
Kristen Cloke .... Shane Vansen
Joel De La Fuente .... Paul Wang
Lanei Chapman .... Vanessa Damphousse
Tucker Smallwood .... Commodore Glen Van Ross
Kim McKamy .... Felicity O model
Amanda Douge .... Kylen Celina

Space Above And Beyond Trivia

The inspiration for Space Above And Beyond was the TV series, "Combat (1962)".

Joel de la Fuente has a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the New York university Graduate Acting Program. He has appeared in several films, as a guest-star on TV series and in numerous stage performances including operas and Shakespearian plays.

The counteroffensive launched by Earth against the Chigs was called, "Operation Round Hammer".

Rodney Rowland worked as a dishwasher, lifeguard and a swimming instructor before getting into acting. He became an actor only one year after beginning his college education at Pepperdine University where he attended on a "Water Polo" scholarship. He modelled for a short time, mostly in Europe, then started acting.

The "Hammerhead" fighters seen on the Space Above And Beyond were actually full-sized models. They were built in Japan and while being shipped to the USA, photographers on a Russian freighter were seen taking pictures of them. They apparently thought that they were some new futuristic fighter plane!

Besides being a fine actor, James Morrison is also an accomplished writer, director and producer! In 1995 he wrote and directed his first film, "Parking" and it won the "Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film" award at the Slamdance Film Festival! In 1997 he co-wrote and produced the film, "Nude Descending" and it also won awards! James started his career in show business as a clown and high wire walker for the "Carson and Barnes Wild Animal Circus" in the mid-1970s. He then acted mostly on stage for over 20 years before appearing on, "Space Above And Beyond" and in several movies. As if he wasn't already diversified enough, James has also begun to publish poetry with his first volume being titled, "Fog Slow To Clear"!

The intergalactic aircraft carrier upon which the 58th squadron is stationed was named, "Saratoga".

Lanei Chapman was a school teacher before becoming an actress. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish from Dartmouth.

Kim McKamy is without a doubt, the most "colorfull" member of Space Above And Beyond's cast. She graduated from the University of Las Vegas with a double major in Theatre Arts and Communications. She was also a cheerleader there. She was a "Scream Queen" in several B movies. She started appearing in adult films in 1990, her first one being, "The Last Resort". She is one of very few porn stars to get a role on a network TV series while continuing to do adult films. You won't always see her name in the credits of her films. She also has gone by the following names: Ashley Gere, Ashleyn, Ashlyn Gear, Ashlyn Gere, Ashyln Gere, Kim McKay, Kimberly Ashlyn Gere, Kimberly Marshall, Kimberly Patton, and Kim Patton.

Space Above And Beyond Opening Narrative

(James Morrison's Voice:) "We thought we were alone. We believed the universe was ours until one night in 2063 on an earth colony sixteen light years away. They struck! And now we're at war. My name is Lt. Colonel T.C. McQueen. I'm an In-vitro, a race of artificially gestated humans. I command a Marine Corp squadron ... the 58th. They call us the Wild Cards. We fight when called, in space, on land, and at sea. To lose this war means more than defeat. To surrender is to never go home. All of us must rise to the call above and beyond."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/24/1995)
  2. The Farthest Man From Home (10/1/1995)
  3. The Dark Side Of The Sun (10/8/1995)
  4. Mutiny (10/15/1995)
  5. Ray Butts (10/22/1995)
  6. Eyes (11/5/1995)
  7. The Enemy (11/12/1995)
  8. Hostile Visit (11/19/1995)
  9. Choice Or Chance (11/26/1995)
  10. Stay With The Dead (12/3/1995)
  11. The River Of Stars (12/17/1995)
  12. Who Monitors The Birds? (1/7/1996)
  13. Level Of Necessity (1/14/1996)
  14. Never No More (2/4/1996)
  15. The Angriest Angel (2/11/1996)
  16. Toy Soldiers (2/18/1996)
  17. Dear Earth (3/3/1996)
  18. Pearly (3/24/1996)
  19. R & R (4/12/1996)
  20. Stardust (4/19/1996)
  21. If They Lay Us Down To Rest... (5/26/1996)
  22. Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best (6/2/1996)

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