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So You Think You Can Dance Cast

Series Description

So You Think You Can Dance is a 60 minute competitive reality series on FOX where dancers of several different styles audition all over the United States in order to win a spot as a finalist on the show. Finalists compete on the air in a variety of different styles and then the judges and the viewing audience determines who moves on in the competition and who goes home. The final dancer standing wins a large cash prize which is typically $250,000.

So You Think You Can Dance Cast

Cat Deeley .... Host (2006-)
Nigel Lythgoe .... Judge (2005-)
Mary Murphy .... Judge (2005-)
Adam Shankman .... Judge (2007-)
Mia Michaels .... Judge (2005-2010)
Tyce Diorio .... Choreographer (2006-)
Lauren Sanchez .... Host (2005)

So You Think You Can Dance Contestants:

The First Season

Nick Lazzarini (Contemporary Jazz) .... Winner
Melody Lacayanga (Contemporary) .... 2nd Place
Jamile McGee (Popping) .... 3rd Place
Ashle Dawson (Jazz) .... 4th Place


The Second Season

Benji Schwimmer (Swing/Latin) .... Winner
Travis Wall (Contemporary) .... 2nd Place
Donyelle Jones (Jazz/Hip-Hop) .... 3rd Place
Heidi Groskreutz (Ballroom) .... 4th Place


The Third Season

Sabra Johnson (Contemporary) .... Winner
Danny Tidwell (Ballet) .... 2nd Place
Neil Haskell (Contemporary) .... 3rd Place
Lacey Schwimmer (Swing/Latin) .... 4th Place


The Fourth Season

Joshua Allen (Hip Hop) .... Winner
Stephen "Twitch" Boss (Hip Hop) .... 2nd Place
Katee Shean (Contemporary) .... 3rd Place
Courtney Galiano (Contemporary) .... 4th Place


The Fifth Season

Jeanine Mason (Contemporary) .... Winner
Brandon Bryant (Contemporary) .... 2nd Place
Evan Kasprzak (Broadway) .... 3rd Place
Kayla Radomski (Contemporary) .... 4th Place


The Sixth Season

Russell Ferguson (Krump) .... Winner
Jakob Karr (Contemporary) .... 2nd Place
Kathryn McCormick (Contemporary) .... 3rd Place
Ellenore Scott (Jazz) .... 4th Place
Ashleigh Di Lello (Ballroom) .... 5th Place
Ryan Di Lello (Ballroom) .... 6th Place


The Seventh Season

Lauren Froderman (Contemporary) .... Winner
Kent Boyd (Contemporary Jazz) .... 2nd Place
Robert Roldan (Contemporary Jazz) .... 3rd Place


The Eighth Season

Melanie Moore (Contemporary) .... Winner
Sasha Mallory (Contemporary) .... 2nd Place
Marko Germar (Contemporary Jazz) .... 3rd Place
Tadd Gadduang (B-boying) .... 4th Place


The Ninth Season

Eliana Girard (Ballet) .... Female Winner
Chehon Wespi-Tschopp (Ballet) .... Male Winner
Tiffany Maher (Jazz) .... Female Runner-Up
Cyrus Spence (Popping/Animation) .... Male Runner-Up

The Tenth Season

Amy Yakima (Jazz) .... Female Winner
Du-Shaunt 'Fik-Shun' Stegall (Hip-Hop) .... Male Winner
Jasmine Harper (Contemporary) .... Female Runner-Up
Aaron Turner (Tap) .... Male Runner-Up

The Eleventh Season

Ricky Ubeda (Contemporary) .... Male Winner and Overall Winner
Valerie Rockey (Tap) .... Top Placed Female
Zack Everhart, Jr. (Tap) .... Male Runner-Up
Jessica Richens (Jazz) .... Female Runner-Up

So You Think You Can Dance Trivia

As of the summer of 2012, So You Think You Can Dance had won ten Emmys, most of them for "Outstanding Choreography" and had received numerous other nominations including many for "Outstanding Reality-Competition Program".

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