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Sons of Anarchy is a 60 minute crime drama series on FX about a thirty-something man who strives to be a good father to his new child while finding it impossible to break away from his less than idyllic role model life as a member of a low life motorcyle club.

Sons of Anarchy Cast

Charlie Hunnam .... Jackson "Jax" Teller (2008-)
Katey Sagal .... Gemma Teller Morrow (2008-)
Kim Coates .... Alex "Tig" Trager (2008-)
Mark Boone Junior .... Robert Munson (2008-)
Tommy Flanagan .... Filip "Chibs" Telford (2008-)
Maggie Siff .... Tara Knowles (2008-)
Ron Perlman .... Clarence "Clay" Morrow (2008-)
Theo Rossi .... Jean Carlos "Juice" Ortiz (2008-)
William Lucking .... Piermont "Piney" Winston (2008-)
Ryan Hurst .... Harry "Opie" Winston (2008-)
Dayton Callie .... Chief Wayne Unser (2008-)
David Labrava .... Happy (2008-)
Johnny Lewis .... Kip "Half Sack" Epps (2008-2009)
Winter Ave Zoli .... Lyla (2009-)
Emilio Rivera .... Marcus Alvarez (2008-)
Christopher Douglas Reed .... Philip "Filthy Phil" Russell (2010-)
Michael Marisi Ornstein .... Chuck Marstein (2008-)
Taylor Sheridan .... Deputy Chief David Hale (2008-2010)
Ally Walker .... Agent June Stahl (2008-2010)
McNally Sagal .... Margaret Murphy (2009-)
Jeff Kober .... Jacob Hale Jr. (2009-)
Nicholas Guest .... The Voice of John Teller (2008-)
Ray McKinnon .... Lincoln "Linc" Potter (2011-)
Frank Potter .... Miles (2010-)
Patrick St. Esprit .... Elliott Oswald (2008-)
Kenny Johnson .... Kozik (2009-)
Rockmond Dunbar .... Eli Roosevelt (2011-)
Mitch Pileggi .... Ernest Darby (2008-2010)
Jamie McShane .... Cameron Hayes (2008-2010)
Titus Welliver .... Jimmy O'Phelan (2009-2010)
Dendrie Taylor .... Luanne (2008-2009)
Marcos A. Ferraez .... Agent Estevez (2008-2010)
Marya Delver .... Officer Eglee (2008-2010)
Tory Kittles .... Laroy (2008-)
Arie Verveen .... Liam O'Neill (2010-)
Adam Arkin .... Ethan Zobelle (2009)
Benito Martinez .... Luis Torres (2011-)
Paula Malcomson .... Maureen Ashby (2010)
Kristen Renton .... Ima (2009-)
Henry Rollins .... AJ Weston (2009)
Lela Jane Cortines .... Ellie Winston (2008-2009)

Sons of Anarchy Trivia

Much of the first season of Sons of Anarchy were shot in the town of Tujunga, California. Many of the scenes were done at Verdugo Hills High in the Tujunga Valley.

When the Federal agents tapped phones in the second season they used a laptop computer hooked to an M-Box interface running Pro-Tools software. Pro-Tools is actually a audio editing program in real life and is not used for tapping anything!

Katey Sagal's character on Sons of Anarchy, "Gemma Teller Morrow" is the mother of Charlie Hunnam's character named "Jackson "Jax" Teller". In real life, Katey Sagal has a son who is also named "Jackson".

In a not all that common move, Sons of Anarchy Creater "Kurt Sutter" has a recurring role on the series where he playes "Otto", a member of the Sons of Anarchy motorcyle club who is in prison. Sutter was an off-Broadway actor early in his career. He landed a job on another FX series, "The Shield" in 2001 and became the Executive Producer of the show in its final two seasons!

Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal have been married since 2004 so it's pretty sweet for them to get this chance to work together.

Actor Scott Glenn was originally cast to play "Clay Morrow" and in fact did originally play that character in the pilot episode. Later it was decided to change the direction of Clay and Ron Perlman was re-cast in that role. Clay's scenes were reshot before broadcasting the pilot but you can still catch a glimpse of Scott Glenn if you look closely. When the Sons of Anarchy are running away from the warehouse explosion at the end of the pilot, Glenn appears in the foreground. Actor Emilio Rivera can also be seen as a Sons of Anarchy member running away because he was originally cast as one. By the time the pilot was reshot he was recast as "Marcus Alvarez", a member of the Sons' rival gang, "The Mayans".

When you hear the Sons' club referred to as "SAMCRO", that is an acronym for "Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original".

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