Simon and Simon

Simon and Simon Cast

Series Description

Simon and Simon was a 60 minute drama series on CBS about two brothers who run a detective agency in San Diego, California. They were two totally different types of fellows. One wears designer suits and drives classic cars while the other dresses like a cowboy and drives a pickup truck. They manage to get through some pretty "dicey" situations together though.

Simon and Simon Cast

Gerald McRaney .... Rick Simon
Jameson Parker .... Andrew Jackson "A.J." Simon
Daphne Maxwell Reid .... Temple Hill
Tim Reid .... Lt. Marcel P. "Downtown" Brown
Mary Carver .... Cecilia Simon
Joan McMurtrey .... Lt. Abigail Marsh
Jeannie Wilson .... Janet Fowler
Scott Murphy .... Officer Nixon
Eddie Barth .... Myron Fowler

TV Reunion Movie

In Trouble Again (2/23/1995)

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