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Silver Theater cast
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Series Description

The Silver Theater TV show was a 30 minute anthology drama series on CBS that told a different story each episode that involved something to do with love and relationships. They weren't all serious as some explored very happy relationships or those where the participants got themselves into a comical situation. A couple of things that always remained the same were the outstanding scrips and famous guest stars!

Silver Theater Cast

Conrad Nagel .... Host

Silver Theater Trivia

Guest stars on Silver Theater also competed for the "Silver Award" for the best performances on the series each month. The winners were chosen by a panel of TV critics.

The Silver Theater was a modernized version of the extremely successful Silver Theater radio show that was broadcast from 1937-1947.

The title, "The Silver Theater" came from "The International Silver Company" who sponsored both the radio and TV shows.

The Silver Theater was nominated for an Emmy in 1950 for the category, "Best Film Made for and Viewed on Television in 1949". "The Lone Ranger" was also nominated and "The Life of Riley" won the award. By the way, that was not The Life of Riley starring William Bendix that is most remembered. It was an earlier, lesser known version starring Jackie Gleason.

Episode #14, "The First Show of 1950" was an unusual, parody-like episode where the cast and crew poked fun at themselves. It portrayed them as all being still drunk or hung over from New Year's Eve parties two nights earlier and focused on the frustration of the Silver Theater's real-life producer/director, "Frank Telford" as he tried to get the boozers to get back to work!

The Silver Theater was a classy show that attracted many big stars of the day (and future ones) to guest star on an episode. Some of them included, Burgess Meredith ("Batman"), Eva Gabor ("Green Acres"), Henry Morgan ("I've Got A Secret"), George Reeves ("The Adventures of Superman"), William Frawley ("I Love Lucy"), Ward Bond ("Wagon Train"), Don DeFore ("Hazel"), and Hugh Beaumont ("Leave it to Beaver").

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Silver Theater - The First And Only Season

  1. L'Amour the Merrier (10/3/1949)
  2. 'Til Death Do Us Part (10/10/1949)
  3. Rhapsody in Discord (10/17/1949)
  4. School for Love (10/24/1949)
  5. The Farewell Supper (10/31/1949)
  6. Patient Unknown (11/7/1949)
  7. Don't Give Up the Ship (11/14/1949)
  8. Silent as the Grave (11/21/1949)
  9. Much Ado About Something (11/28/1949)
  10. Star over Bridgeport (12/5/1949)
  11. Strange Rebound (12/12/1949)
  12. The Guiding Star (12/19/1949)
  13. Four Callers (12/26/1949)
  14. The First Show of 1950 (1/2/1950)
  15. Papa Romani (1/9/1950)
  16. Happy Marriage (1/16/1950)
  17. The Great Nikoli (1/23/1950)
  18. Never Hit a Pigeon (1/30/1950)
  19. The Late Mr. Beasley (2/6/1950)
  20. Gaudy Lady (2/13/1950)
  21. My Brother's Keeper (2/20/1950)
  22. For Richer, for Poorer (2/27/1950)
  23. Lucky Pierre (3/6/1950)
  24. Quiet Neighborhood (3/13/1950)
  25. Concerning the Soul of Felicity (3/20/1950)
  26. The Howland Fling (3/27/1950)
  27. Coals of Fire (4/3/1950)
  28. Minor Incident (4/10/1950)
  29. Double Feature (4/17/1950)
  30. Bad Guy (4/24/1950)
  31. The First Hundred Years (5/8/1950)
  32. Lady with Ideas (5/15/1950)
  33. Wedding Anniversary (5/22/1950)
  34. Close-Up (5/29/1950)
  35. Walt and Lavinia (6/5/1950)
  36. Title Unknown (6/12/1950)
  37. Title Unknown (6/19/1950)
  38. My Heart's in the Highlands (6/26/1950)

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