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The Silent Service Cast

Series Description

The Silent Service was a 30 minute documentary war action series that aired in syndication. It was about the United States Navy's fleet of submarines and their role in combat during World War II and the Korean War.

The Silent Service Cast

Rear Admiral (Retired) Thomas M. Dykers .... Host / Narrator

The Silent Service Trivia

The idea for The Silent Service came from Rear Admiral Thomas M. Dykers who served in the Navy from 1927-1949.

Actual combat footage was used in the production of the Silent Service and the Navy also loaned Admiral Dykers the U.S.S. Sawfish for the filming of several of the episode. This came in extremely handy for filming underwater scenes.

Admiral Dykers also did an intro piece for each episode, narrated the action and filmed a closing segment with a member of the crew of the submarine that was highlighted on that particular episode.

The intro for The Silent Service had the same narration on all episodes. Admiral Dykers would say, "Tonight, we bring you another thrilling episode of Silent Service stories, of warfare under the sea".

Fans of the "Original Star Trek Series" might be interested to know that DeForest Kelley ("Dr. 'Bones' McCoy") appeared in the episodes "The Spearfish Delivers" and "The Gar Story" and Leonard Nimoy ("Mr. Spock") appeared in "The Tigershark" and "The Final War Patrol"!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

NOTE: Since this 1957-1958 series ran in syndication, the original air dates varied from station to station.

The Silent Service - The First and Only Season

  1. The Sculpin Story
  2. The Spearfish Delivers
  3. The Tirante Plays a Hunch
  4. Tang vs. Truk
  5. The Wahoo Story
  6. Two Davids & Goliath
  7. The Ordeal of S-38
  8. The Seahorse Story
  9. Cargo for Crevalle
  10. The Sea Dragon Story
  11. The Narwhal's Passenger from Mindanao
  12. The Perch's New Role
  13. The Final War Patrol
  14. The Last Dive
  15. The Gar Story
  16. The Starfish Came Home
  17. The Nautilus Story
  18. The Seashark Story
  19. The Tang's Last Shot
  20. The Loss of the Perch
  21. The Sea Devil Attacks Puget Sound
  22. The Bergall's Revenge
  23. The Unsuccessful Patrol
  24. Peto Plucks Some Chickens
  25. The S-38 Story
  26. Mine for Keeps
  27. The Triton's Christmas
  28. The Tigershark
  29. The Grayling Story
  30. The Sandshark Story
  31. Harder at Woleai
  32. The Gabila Story
  33. The Gato Story
  34. The Squalus Story
  35. Seanettle vs U-Boat
  36. U-47 in Scapa Flow

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