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Shirley's World was a 30 minute comedy series starring American actress Shirley Maclaine that was produced in the United Kingdom and aired on ABC in the U.S. Shirley's character, "Shirley Logan" travelled the world taking photographs for "World Illustrated" magazine.

Shirley's World Cast

Shirley Maclaine .... Shirley Logan
John Gregson .... Dennis Croft

Shirley's World Trivia

Shirley's World encompassed the same general feeling that we saw in many of Shirley Maclaine's movies. There was a good mix of funny and dramatic moments.

One of the most interesting elements of the series was that we got to see a lot of wonderful sites from all around the world!

Word has it that Shirley Maclaine didn't feel overly comfortable on Shirley's World. It did sometimes show in her performance but not to a significant degree.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Shirley's World - The First And Only Season

  1. The Berkeley Club Caper (4/7/1972)
  2. Thou Shalt Not Be Found Out (4/14/1972)
  3. The Defective Defector (4/21/1972)
  4. The Lovers (4/28/1972)
  5. The Islanders (5/5/1972)
  6. The Colonel (5/12/1972)
  7. To Dream The Improbable Dream (5/19/1972)
  8. A Hell Of An Engineer (5/26/1972)
  9. The Reunion (6/2/1972)
  10. Follow That Rickshaw (6/9/1972)
  11. A Mother's Touch (6/16/1972)
  12. A Girl Like You (6/23/1972)
  13. Evidence In Camera (6/30/1972)
  14. The Rally (7/4/1972)
  15. Figuratively Speaking (7/11/1972)
  16. Knightmare (7/18/1972)
  17. Always Leave Them Laughing (7/25/1972)

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