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Series Description

Sharpe's Rifles was just the first in a series of war action movies made for British television. They follow the career of Richard Sharpe who rose from the rank of Sergeant to Lieutenant Colonel in the English army during the early 1800s. He did this during a time when nearly all of the officers were from the gentry class or the royals. Sharpe made officer by his amazing devotion to duty and his devout heroism! And saving Lord Wellinton's life didn't hurt any either! Sharpe's team of crack rifleman are sent on the most dangerous assignments ... the ones that only they can conquer! This is a jewel of a series that's remained lost to most American viewers. Not the typical low-budget British production, the Sharpe movies contain superb acting, characters you fall in love with, and one terrific soundtrack! They're action, adventure, romance, and drama all wrapped up in one neat package.


Sean Bean .... Richard Sharpe
Daragh O'Malley .... Sergeant Patrick Harper
John Tams .... Rifleman Daniel Hagman
Jason Salkey .... Rifleman Harris
Michael Mears .... Rifleman Cooper
Lyndon Davis .... Rifleman Ben Perkins
Paul Trusell .... Rifleman Isaiah Tongue
Hugh Fraser .... Arthur Wellesley, The Duke of Wellington
Michael Cochrane .............Sir Henry Simmerson
Cecile Paoli .... Lucille
Michael Byrne .... Major Nairn
Feodor Atkine .... Major Pierre Ducos
Philip Whitchurch .... Captain William Fredrickson (Sweet William)
Brian Cox .... Major Hogan
Pete Postlethwaite .... Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswell
Hugh Ross .... Major Mungo Munro
James Laurenson .... Major General Ross
Assumpta Serna .... Commandante Teresa Moreno
Abigail Cruttenden .... Jane Gibbons Sharpe
Caroline Langrishe .... Dowager Countess / Lady Anne Camoyes
Diana Perez .... Ramona

Theme Song Lyrics

O'er the Fields, and O'er the Maine
Thru Flanders Portugal, and Spain,
King George commands, and we obey.
O'er the hills and far away

Episodes List With Original Air DatesThe following are UK air dates.

Season 1

  1. Sharpe's Rifles (5/5/1993)
  2. Sharpe's Eagle (5/12/1993)
Season 2
  1. Sharpe's Company (5/25/1994)
  2. Sharpe's Enemy (6/1/1994)
  3. Sharpe's Honour (6/8/1994)
Season 3
  1. Sharpe's Gold (4/12/1995)
  2. Sharpe's Battle (4/19/1995)
  3. Sharpe's Sword (4/26/1995)
Season 4
  1. Sharpe's Regiment (5/1/1996)
  2. Sharpe's Siege (5/8/1996)
  3. Sharpe's Mission (5/15/1996)
Season 5
  1. Sharpe's Revenge (5/7/1997)
  2. Sharpe's Justice (5/14/1997)
  3. Sharpe's Waterloo (5/21/1997)

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