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Shameless is a 60 minute dramatic comedy series on Showtime about an alcoholic father on a perpetual drunk whose six kids get raised by their oldest sister Fiona who does the best she can under difficult conditions. Despite her attempts, the kids also have their own set of problems including theft, arson and tutoring girls in return for sex. Dad supports his drinking habit by scamming the government and living free off of his girlfriend and then having sex with her daughter. The kids survive off Fiona's salary and tips as a coctail waitress and pretty much any scheme the kids can contrive. The title says it all ... they're all pretty much shameless.

Shameless Cast

William H. Macy .... Frank Gallagher (2011-)
Emmy Rossum .... Fiona Gallagher (2011-)
Ethan Cutkosky .... Carl Gallagher (2011-)
Emma Kenney .... Debbie Gallagher (2011-)
Cameron Monaghan .... Ian Gallagher (2011-)
Justin Chatwin .... Steve (2011-)
Shanola Hampton .... Veronica Fisher (2011-)
Steve Howey .... Kevin Ball (2011-)
Jeremy Allen White .... Lip Gallagher (2011-)
Laura Wiggins .... Karen Jackson (2011-)
Joan Cusack .... Sheila Jackson (2011-)
Zach McGowan .... Jody Silverman (2012)
Tyler Jacob Moore .... Tony Markovich (2011-)
Michael Patrick McGill .... Tommy (2011-)
Madison Davenport .... Ethel (2011-)
Joel Murray .... Eddie Jackson (2011)
Noel Fisher .... Mickey Milkovich (2011-)
Emma Greenwell .... Mandy Milkovich (2012-)
Pej Vahdat .... Kash (2011-)

Shameless Trivia

The producers originally wanted Woody Harrelson ("Cheers") to star as Frank Gallagher on Shameless. They were actually involved in negotiations with Harrelson but when his 2009 film, "Zombieland" became a hit and Harrelson's prospects in movies looked much improved, he backed out. As talented as Harrelson is, it's hard to imagine that his performance as the good-for-nothing, drunk father could have been better than the outstanding portrayal by William H. Macy!

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