Seinfeld Cast

Series Description

Seinfeld was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about Jerry Seinfeld who played himself as a stand-up comedian. Mostly we saw him off-duty, however, along with his wacky group of friends who constantly fretted about little things of no consequence whatsoever.

Seinfeld Cast

pJerry Seinfeld .... Himself
Julia Louis-Dreyfuss .... Elaine Benes
Jason Alexander .... George Costanza
Michael Richards .... Cosmo Kramer
Wayne Knight .... Newman

Seinfeld Trivia

Seinfeld's pilot episode titled, "Good News, Bad News" was pretty bad and there was no Elaine in the cast! It's amazing that the show got another chance!

The catchphrase "Yada Yada" was first used in episode #145 titled, "The Yada Yada" by George's new girlfriend. The term became so popular that it was included in the Oxford English Dictionary! It means that there's no need to say anything further because what's previously been said makes the rest obvious. It can also mean something that's trivial, meaningless, or unimportant.

The exterior of the restaurant were the Seinfeld characters meet is "Tom's Restaurant" located at West 112th Street and Broadway in Manhattan. In addition to being highlighted on Seinfeld, it was also the title restaurant in the Suzanne Vega tune, "Tom's Diner".

If you watch very closely, Superman is either mentioned or there's an image of him in every Seifeld episode.

On one episode Jerry Seinfeld said that his address was 129 West 81st Street during a polygraph test. The exterior shots of the exterior of his building on the show was actually a building located at 757 South New Hampshire Avenue in Los Angeles, California!

Seinfeld is often referred to as the "Show about nothing" because the characters just seemed to stumble along through life with little or no purpose. If you loved that about the show, you might want to watch "Curb Your Enthusiasm", an HBO series. That show starred Larry David who also created Seinfeld and uses the same nonsensical plotlines.

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