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Series Description

The Secret World of Alex Mack TV show was a 30 minute fantasy series on Nickelodeon about a typical 13-year-old girl who was walking home from her first day of Junior High School when a truck nearly ran her over. While she escaped being hit, she did get drenched by a chemical substance that the truck was transporting. She soon develops several "super" abilities including the power to transform herself into different shapes ... levitate and move objects with her mind ... create electro-magnetic fields ... and shoot bursts of electrical energy from her fingertips! The company that developed the chemical wanted to find her so they could experiment on her so she did her best to live the life of a normal teenager. Keeping her secret was not easy as problems would pop-up each week that would require her to use her powers. She was also in danger of being exposed because she would glow when she was nervous and sometimes she would burb bubbles!

Secret World of Alex Mack Cast

Larisa Oleynik .... Alexandra "Alex" Mack
Darris Love .... Raymond "Ray" Alvarado
Meredith Bishop .... Annie Mack
Michael Blakely .... George Mack
Dorian Lopinto .... Barbara Mack
Jennifer Lea Nash .... Amber
John Marzilli .... Vince Carter
Alexis Fields .... Nicole Wilson
Louan Gideon .... Danielle Atron
Natanya Ross .... Robyn Russo
Jessica Alba .... Jessica

Secret World of Alex Mack Trivia

The secret chemical that gave Alex Mack her powers was called GC-161. Alex's Father was actually one of the scientists who developed GC-161!

Alex Mack lived in Paradise Valley and went to Danielle Atron Jr. High School.

You might think that Larisa Oleynik is a stage name but it's not. Her father is from the Ukrain.

Alex Mack's ability to change her shape came in very handy. She could use it to escape her pursuers by "melting" into a liquid and going under locked doors, through keyholes or down the sink drain and through the plumbing! She also used her elctro-magnetic fields to protect herself by setting up force fields. She could also use her power of levitation to throw objects at her persuers or to tip over large objects and block their path.

Alex Mack's super-abilities were not a total secret. She did tell her genius sister Annie and her best friend Raymond.

Did you ever wonder what the school schedule is like for a teen-aged TV star? Larisa Oleynik once said that she got nine 20 minute segments of schooling each day on the set for a total of three hours per day. That may not seem like enough but don't forget ... she got one on one instruction from her teacher.

In the final episode, Alex's father developed an antidote for Alex that would return her to normal. She was staring at the antidote as the show ended but there was no indication whether or not she was going to take it.

Opening Narrative

"I'm Alex Mack. I was just an average kid until an accident changed my life and since then nothing's been the same. My best friend Ray thinks it cool. My sister Annie thinks I'm a science project. I can't let anyone know, not even my parents. I know the chemical plant has to find me and turn me into some experiment. But you know something, I guess I'm not so average anymore."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Secret World Of Alex Mack (10/8/1994)
  2. Hoop War (10/15/1994)
  3. Shock Value (10/22/1994)
  4. The Videotape (11/5/1994)
  5. School Dance (11/12/1994)
  6. Science Fair (11/19/1994)
  7. False Alarms (12/3/1994)
  8. The Feud (12/10/1994)
  9. Alex And Mom (1/7/1995)
  10. Cold Day In Paradise Valley (1/14/1995)
  11. Annie Bails (1/21/1995)
  12. The Solo (1/28/1995)
  13. Road Trip (2/4/1995)
Season 2
  1. The Journal (10/14/1995)
  2. Double Bogey (10/14/1995)
  3. New Kid In Town (10/21/1995)
  4. The Secret (10/28/1995)
  5. Suspect (11/4/1995)
  6. Pressure (11/11/1995)
  7. The Secret World Of Ray Alvarado (11/18/1995)
  8. Rat Trap (12/2/1995)
  9. Busted (12/9/1995)
  10. The Gift (12/23/1995)
  11. Ray Goes To Washington (12/30/1995)
  12. Trophy Case (1/6/1996)
  13. On The Rocks (1/13/1996)
Season 3
  1. The Other Side - Part 1 (10/5/1996)
  2. The Other Side - Part 2 (10/8/1996)
  3. Working (10/10/1996)
  4. Operation: Breakout (10/15/1996)
  5. The Neighbor (10/17/1996)
  6. Images (10/22/1996)
  7. Big Ray (10/24/1996)
  8. New World Order (10/29/1996)
  9. Bubbling Over (11/5/1996)
  10. Muckraker (11/7/1996)
  11. Bad Girl (11/12/1996)
  12. The Understudy (11/14/1996)
  13. Mystery Man (11/19/1996)
  14. Chemistry (11/21/1996)
  15. A Room Of Her Own (11/26/1996)
  16. Spivey (12/3/1996)
  17. Woman Of The Year (12/5/1996)
  18. Twelve And A Half (12/10/1996)
  19. The Test (12/26/1996)
  20. The Creeper (1/2/1997)
  21. Nerve (1/21/1997)
  22. Triangle (2/18/1997)
  23. Friends Like That (2/20/1997)
  24. BMX (2/25/1997)
  25. Nightmare In Paradise (2/27/1997)
  26. Cheers (3/4/1997)
Season 4
  1. Driving (9/23/1997)
  2. Green Day (9/25/1997)
  3. Camping (9/30/1997)
  4. Ashley (10/2/1997)
  5. Oscar (10/7/1997)
  6. Foot Fault (10/9/1997)
  7. The Switch (10/14/1997)
  8. The Storm (10/16/1997)
  9. Leaving (10/21/1997)
  10. Senora Garcia (10/23/1997)
  11. The Doctor (10/28/1997)
  12. The Band (11/4/1997)
  13. Things Change (11/6/1997)
  14. The Return (11/18/1997)
  15. Friendly Fire (11/20/1997)
  16. Lies And Secrets (11/25/1997)
  17. A Desperate Man (12/2/1997)
  18. 24 Hours (12/4/1997)
  19. Paradise Lost (1/13/1998)
  20. Paradise Regained (1/15/1998)
  21. Without Feathers (3/5/1998)

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