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Secret Agent Cast

Series Description

Secret Agent was a British action series about a spy working for Her Majesty's Secret Service. It was a fast moving thriller of espionage and intrigue. This was the first use of high-tech spy gadgets. John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) used many devices such as tie pins that explode or functioned as cameras and an electic razor that was also a tape recorder or a transmitter. He used them to travel the world defeating evil everwhere. This show was titled "Danger Man" when it originally aired in the United Kingdom. The name was changed to "Secret Agent" by CBS when they ran it in the U.S.

Secret Agent Cast

Patrick McGoohan .... John Drake
Peter Madden .... Hobbs

Secret Agent Trivia

You may notice that there were nearly 4 years between the last episode of season one and the first episode of season two. Secret Agent did reasonably well in the UK during the 1960/1961 season, but failed pretty badly in the U.S.! By the time that the second season of Secret Agent aired, there had been three James Bond movies seen in theaters. They were all big hits and any entertainment with a smooth, tough-guy, spy character was likely to be a hit!

The Secret Agent episodes of season 1 were 30 minutes in length. In seasons two and three, they were 60 minutes long.

Secret Agent was actually titled, "Danger Man" for its first season in both the UK and in the USA. When it returned in 1965, the name was changed to Secret Agent. When the series became available on video (and later on dvd), the name used on the packaging was, "Secret Agent aka Danger Man".

Patrick McGoohan was the first choice to play "James Bond" in the movies. He turned down the role because he thought it was too demeaning to women! Just one and a half years after this series ended, McGoohan would again star as a cool, calm, and collected spy on the cult series, "The Prisoner (1967)".

Theme Song

Title: "Secret Agent Man"

By: "P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri"

There's a man who leads a life of danger.
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger.
With every move he makes,
Another chance he takes.
Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow.

Secret Agent Man.
Secret Agent Man.
They've given you a number.
And taken away your name.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. View From The Villa (9/10/1960)
  2. Time To Kill (9/17/1960)
  3. Josetta (9/24/1960)
  4. The Blue Veil (10/2/1960)
  5. The Lovers (10/9/1960)
  6. The Girl In Pink Pajamas (10/16/1960)
  7. Position Of Trust (10/23/1960)
  8. The Lonely Chair (10/30/1960)
  9. The Sanctuary (11/6/1960)
  10. An Affair Of State (11/13/1960)
  11. The Key (11/20/1960)
  12. The Sisters (11/27/1960)
  13. The Prisoner (12/4/1960)
  14. The Traitor (12/11/1960)
  15. Colonel Rodriguez (12/18/1960)
  16. The Nurse (12/25/1960)
  17. The Island (1/1/1961)
  18. Find And Return (1/8/1961)
  19. The Girl Who Liked GI's (1/15/1961)
  20. Name, Date, And Place (1/22/1961)
  21. The Vacation (1/29/1961)
  22. The Conspirators (2/5/1961)
  23. The Honeymooners (2/12/1961)
  24. The Gallows Tree (2/19/1961)
  25. The Relaxed Informer (2/26/1961)
  26. The Brothers (3/5/1961)
  27. The Journey Ends Halfway (3/12/1961)
  28. Bury The Dead (3/19/1961)
  29. Sabotage (3/26/1961)
  30. The Contessa (4/2/1961)
  31. The Leak (4/9/1961)
  32. The Trap (4/16/1961)
  33. The Actor (4/23/1961)
  34. Hired Assassin (4/30/1961)
  35. The Deputy Coyannis Story (5/7/1961)
  36. Find And Destroy (5/14/1961)
  37. Under The Lake (5/21/1961)
  38. Dead Man Walks (5/28/1961)
  39. Deadline (6/4/1961)
Season 2
  1. The Battle Of The Cameras (4/3/1965)
  2. A Room In The Basement (4/10/1965)
  3. Fair Exchange (4/17/1965)
  4. Fish On The Hook (4/24/1965)
  5. No Marks For Servility (5/1/1965)
  6. Yesterday's Enemies (5/15/1965)
  7. The Professionals (5/22/1965)
  8. A Date With Doris (5/29/1965)
  9. The Mirror's New (6/5/1965)
  10. Colony Three (6/12/1965)
  11. It's Up To The Lady (6/19/1965)
  12. Whatever Happened To George Foster? (6/26/1965)
  13. The Galloping Major (7/3/1965)
  14. The Colonel's Daughter 7/10/1965)
  15. That's Two Of Us Sorry (7/17/1965)
  16. Such Men Are Dangerous (7/24/1965)
  17. A Man To Be Trusted (7/31/1965)
  18. An Affair At Castelevara (8/7/1965)
  19. Don't Nail Him Yet (8/14/1965)
  20. The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove (8/21/1965)
  21. Have A Glass Of Wine (8/28/1965)
  22. You're Not In Any Trouble, Are You? (9/4/1965)
  23. Sting In The Tail (9/11/1965)
  24. The Black Book (12/4/1965)
  25. English Lady Takes Lodgers (12/11/1965)
  26. Loyality Always Pays 12/18/1965)
  27. Are You Going To Be More Permanent? (12/25/1965)
  28. Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet (1/1/1966)
  29. A Very Dangerous Game (1/8/1966)
  30. The Mercenaries (1/15/1966)
  31. The Outcast (1/22/1966)
  32. Judgement Day (1/29/1966)
  33. To Our Best Friend (2/5/1966)
Season 3
  1. Say It With Flowers (2/12/1966)
  2. The Man On The Beach (2/19/1966)
  3. The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (2/26/1966)
  4. Someone Is Liable To Get Hurt (3/5/1966)
  5. Dangerous Secret (3/12/1966)
  6. I Can Only Offer You Sherry (3/19/1966)
  7. The Hunting Party (3/26/1966)
  8. Two Birds With One Bullet (4/2/1966)
  9. I Am Afraid You Have The Wrong Number (4/9/1966)
  10. The Man With The Foot (4/16/1966)
  11. The Paper Chase (4/23/1966)
  12. Not So Jolly Roger (4/30/1966)
TV Reunion Movies

Koroshi (1/5/1968) Shinda Shima (1/12/1968)

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