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Second Noah Cast

Series Description

Second Noah was a 60 minute drama series on ABC about the lives of a loving family with eight adopted children who lived together in a large home near Busch Gardens animal/amusement park in Tampa, Florida.

Second Noah Cast

Daniel Hugh Kelly .... Noah Beckett
Betsy Brantley .... Jesse Beckett
James Marsden .... Ricky
Erika Page .... Roxanna
Zelda Harris .... Bethany
Ashley Gorrell .... Hannah
Jeffrey Licon .... Luis
Gemini .... Ben
Jon Torgerson .... Danny
Dierdre O' Connell .... Shirley
Jeremy Torgerson .... Ranny

Second Noah Trivia

Noah Beckett was a former basketball coach who became a stay-at-home dad. He also was a successful writer, having sold 2 million copies of his first book!

Noah's wife Jesse was the head veterinarian at Busch Gardens.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Second Noah (2/5/1996)
  2. Hoops And Dreams (2/12/1996)
  3. Close Encounters (2/19/1996)
  4. Stormy Weather (2/26/1996)
  5. The Good Samaritan (3/2/1996)
  6. Julio Is My Dad (3/4/1996)
  7. Ghost Story (3/11/1996)
  8. The Rendezvous (3/18/1996)
  9. The Big Chief (4/1/1996)
  10. Dreamboat (4/8/1996)
  11. A Dog's Life (4/15/1996)
  12. King Of The Road (4/22/1996)
Season 2
  1. Fly Like A Bird (9/14/1996)
  2. God's Last Laugh (9/21/1996)
  3. The Big Hurt (9/28/1996)
  4. Faith, Hope, And Charity (10/5/1996)
  5. Slings And Arrows (10/12/1996)
  6. The Choice (10/19/1996)

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