The Thorn Birds Dvds

The Thorn Birds Dvds

The Complete Miniseries!

This 2 dvd set features Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward in this 2nd highest rated miniseries of all time (The Roots Miniseries was #1)! You'll love the 8 hours of love, romance, and intrigue about the Catholic Priest and his difficulty choosing between his two loves ... God and a beautiful, young woman! It comes complete with Dolby Digital soundtrack, promo trailers, Get details, customer reviews, and prices

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, there was a 19-year gap in the original miniseries! Luckily, 13 years after it aired the problem was fixed by a new film, "The Thornbirds 2 - The Missing Years" which is also available on dvd. Check it out!

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