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SeaQuest DSV was a 60 minute sci-fi series on NBC about a highly technical "submarine", in a world twenty-five years in the future! The Captain of the craft (Nathan Bridger) had also designed it. It served a dual purpose of scientific research and enforcement of world peace. There was often conflict between the scientists and the military crew over how to handle problems encountered. The characters also included a 16-year old genius, an "ESPer", a talking Dolphin, and the Captain even had a holographic "consultant".

SeQuest DSV Cast

Roy Scheider .... Captain Nathan Bridger
Stacy Haiduk .... Lieutenant Cmdr. Katie Hitchcock
Don Franklin .... Commander Jonathan Ford
Jonathan Brandis .... Lucas Wolenczak
Stephanie Beacham .... Doctor Kristin Westphalen
Marco Sanchez .... Sensor Chief Ortiz
John D'Aquino .... Benjamin Krieg
Royce D. Applegate .... Chief Manilow Crocker
Ted Raimi .... Lieutenant Tim O'Neill
Michael Parks .... George Le Chein
Richard Herd .... Admiral Noyce
John Schafer .... Pollack
Clark Heathcliffe Brolly .... Renegade Sensor Chief
Mark Fauser .... Weapons Officer Phillips
Dan Hildebrand .... Helmsman
Peter DeLuise .... Dagwood

SeaQuest DSV Trivia

Steven Spielberg was one of the executive producers for the show. He also produced the series, "Amazing Stories", "Taken Miniseries" and "Terra Nova".

The SeaQuest craft was 1000 feet long! The "DSV" was an acromyn for "Deep Submergence Vehicle".

Stacy Haiduk was voted the girl with the prettiest eyes and best figure by her senior class-mates in high school. Fans of the TV series, "Superboy (1988)" recognized Stacy immediately from her role as Lana Lang, Superboy's "girlfriend".

At the end of the first season, the SeaQuest DSV was destroyed and replaced (next season) with a more advanced craft.

At the end of the second season, the new SeaQuest DSV was transported to another planet and seemingly destroyed! At the beginning of the next season, it reappeared on Earth 10 years later. The crew had not aged and couldn't remember what had happened!

Jonathan Brandis (Lucas Wolenczak) doubled-up on his courses in high school so he could graduate before starting his role on SeaQuest. He's done nearly 100 television commercials. He dated some of the most beautifull girls in the business including Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.

Michael LeLuise (Seaman Tony Picollo) and Peter DeLuise (Dagwood) are brothers and the sons of actor/comedian Dom DeLuise. Peter's first public appearance was on Dom DeLuise's television program. Before joining SeaQuest DSV as a regular cast member, Peter appeared in episode #16, "Whale Song" as "Wiggins".

Roy Scheider is best-known for his role as "Chief Martin Brody" in the 1975 film "Jaws" and its sequels.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

1... To Be Or Not To Be (9/12/1993)
2... The Devil's Window (9/19/1993)
3... Treasure Of The Mind (9/26/1993)
4... Games (10/3/1993)
5... Treasure Of The Tonga Trench (10/10/1993)
6... Brothers And Sisters (10/17/1993)
7... Give Me Liberte (10/24/1993)
8... Knight of Shadows (10/31/1993)
9... Bad Water (11/7/1993)
10. The Regulator (11/21/1993)
11. SeaWest (11/28/1993)
12. Photon Bullet (12/19/1993)
13. Better Than Martians (1/2/1994)
14. Nothing But The Truth (1/9/1994)
15. Greed For A Pirate's Dream (1/16/1994)
16. Whale Song (2/6/1994)
17. The Stinger (2/20/1994)
18. Hide And Seek (2/27/1994)
19. The Last Lap Of Luxury (3/20/1994)
20. Abalon (5/1/1994)
21. Such Great Patience (5/8/1994)
22. The Good Death (5/15/1994)
23. An Ocean On Fire (5/22/1994)

Season 2

24. Daggers - Part 1 (9/18/1994)
25. Daggers - Part 2 (9/18/1994)
26. The Fear That Follows (9/25/1994)
27. Sympathy For The Deep (10/2/1994)
28. Vapors (10/9/1994)
29. Playtime (10/23/1994)
30. The Sincerest Form Of Flattery (11/13/1994)
31. By Any Other Name (11/20/1994)
32. When We Dead Awaken (11/27/1994)
33. Special Delivery (12/11/1994)
34. Dead End (12/18/1994)
35. Meltdown (1/8/1995)
36. Lostland (1/15/1995)
37. And Everything Nice (1/22/1995)
38. Dream Weaver (2/19/1995)
39. Alone (2/26/1995)
40. Watergate (3/5/1995)
41. Something In The Air (3/19/1995)
42. Dagger Redux (4/2/1995)
43. The Siamese Dream (4/30/1995)
44. Blindsided (5/21/1995)

Season 3

*** Note: Series Name Changes To SeaQuest 2032 ***

45. Splashdown (9/13/1995)
46. Brave New World (9/20/1995)
47. In The Company Of Ice And Profit (9/27/1995)
48. Smoke On The Water (10/11/1995)
49. Destination Terminal (10/18/1995)
50. Chains Of Command (11/1/1995)
51. Spindrift (11/8/1995)
52. Equilibrium (11/15/1995)
53. Resurrection (12/6/1995)
54. Good Soldiers (12/20/1995)
55. Second Chance (12/27/1995)
56. Brainlock (1/28/1996)
57. Renunion (6/9/1996)
58. Weapons Of War (6/16/1996)

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