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The Salvage 1 TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series on ABC about the owner of a salvage company who decided to "expand" his operations. He built a spaceship and headed for the moon to salvage the stuff left up there from one of the Apollo missions. Later episodes included one where they towed an iceberg to where water was needed. There were several other very good episodes, but unfortunately, the movie-length pilot episode about the moon was so fantastic that the rest of the series had a hard time living up to its standard.

Salvage 1 Cast

Andy Griffith .... Harry Broderick
Joel Higgins .... Skip Carmichael
Trish Stewart .... Melanie Slozar
Richard Jaeckel .... Agent Jack Klinger
Jacqueline Scott .... Lorene
J. Jay Saunders .... Mack
Heather McAdam .... Michelle Ryan

Salvage 1 Trivia

The name of Harry Broderick's company was "Jettison Scrap and Salvage".

The Salvage 1 TV show was created by Mike Lloyd Ross. Among his other talents, Mike was also an electronics design engineer. He got the idea from a story in the newspaper about the stuff left behind on the moon during the Apollo missions.

While the last four episodes did not originally air in the United States, they were shown in the United Kingdom

Andy Griffith's first credited role was in 1953 on the United States Steel hours presentation of "No Time For Sergeants". Andy later (in 1958) starred in the movie of the same name. "The Andy Griffith Show" spin-off, "Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C." was based on "No Time For Sergeants".

Joel Higgins started his career on the daytime drama "Search For Tommorrow" and Trish Stewart was a regular original cast member on "The Young and the Restless"!

There were four episodes of Salvage 1 that were produced but did not air due to the series being cancelled. There titles were: "Round Up", "Harry's Doll", "Dry Spell" and "Diamond Volcano".

Salvage 1 Opening Narrative

"Once upon a time, a junkman had a dream. So he put together a team; an ex-astronaut and a fuel expert. They built a rocket ship and they went to the moon. Who knows what they'll do next."

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