Saints And Sinners

Saints And Sinners Cast

Series Description

Saints And Sinners was a 60 minute drama series that aired on "My Network TV". It was about a reporter for the "New York Bulletin" and the people and their stories that he encountered during the pursuit of a headline.

Saints And Sinners Cast

Nick Adams .... Nick Alexander
John Larkin .... Mark Grainger
Barbara Rush .... Lizzie Hogan
Robert F. Simon .... Dave Tabak
Nicky Blair .... Charlie
Richard Erdman .... Klugie
Sharon Farrell .... Polly

Saints And Sinners Trivia

Saints and Sinners was introduced on the Dick Powell Show less than one year after Nick Adams' previous western series, "The Rebel (1959)" ended!

NBC also decided to air reruns of "The Rebel" during the summer of 1962 in hopes that it would help Saints and Sinners by keeping Nick Adams in front of the public eye. Of course, it may also have helped keep him "typecast" in that role and harder to accept as a modern day reporter.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Pilot Episode

The Savage Sunday (As An Episode Of The Dick Powell Show) (5/1/1962)

Saints And Sinners - The First And Only Season

  1. Dear George, The Siamese Cat Is Missing (9/17/1962)
  2. Ten Days For A Shirt-Tail (9/24/1962)
  3. The Man On The Rim (10/1/1962)
  4. Judgement In Jazz Alley (10/8/1962)
  5. Source Of Information (10/15/1962)
  6. Three Columns Of Anger (10/22/1962)
  7. A Servant In The House Of My Party (11/5/1962)
  8. Daddy's Girl (11/12/1962)
  9. Luscious Lois (11/19/1962)
  10. A Shame For A Diamond Wedding (11/26/1962)
  11. Judith Was A Lady (12/3/1962)
  12. A Night Of Horns And Bells (12/24/1962)
  13. A Taste Of Evil (12/31/1962)
  14. The Home-Coming Bit (1/7/1963)
  15. Slug It, Miss Joyous (1/14/1963)
  16. The Year Joan Crawford Won The Oscar (1/21/1963)
  17. New Lead Berlin (1/28/1963)
  18. All The Hard Young Men (2/4/1963)

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