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Royal Pains is a 60 minute medical drama series with a comedy twist on the USA network about a young emergency room doctor who was banned from working in hospitals after being wrongly blamed for the death of a patient. He then became a "doctor for hire" in the Hamptons. That work catering to the rich and famous didn't appeal to him as much as helping the common man in the E.R. but it paid much better. Then, when the beatiful administrator of a nearby hospital asked him to give treatment to the area's poor, he has to decide how important the rich people's money is versus the satisfaction of helping those less fortunate souls.

Royal Pains Cast

Mark Feuerstein .... Doctor Hank Lawson (2009-)
Paulo Costanzo .... Evan R. Lawson (2009-)
Reshma Shetty .... Divya Katdare (2009-)
Jill Flint .... Jill Casey (2009-)
Brooke D'Orsay .... Paige Collins (2010-)
Dieter Riesle .... Dieter (2009-)
Henry Winkler .... Eddie R. Lawson (2010-2011)
Paola Turbay .... Doctor Marissa Caseras (2010-)
Rupak Ginn .... Rajan Bandyopadhyay (2009-)
Christine Ebersole .... Ms. Newberg (2009-)
Anastasia Griffith .... Doctor Emily Peck (2010-2011)
Kyle Howard .... Doctor Paul Van Dyke (2011-)
Tom Cavanagh .... Jack O'Malley (2011-)
Nick Diamantis .... Waiter (2009-2010)
Bob Gunton .... General William Collins (2010-2012)

Royal Pains Trivia

This series reflects an actual method of doctoring where doctors and/or medical companies offer their services for an ongoing fee which is typically paid annually. Sometimes additional fees are charged for "special" procedures or care. Since many of these don't accept insurance they keep administrative costs to a minimum. Doctors are often available to their patients via cell phone and/or email, 24 hours per day. The rich often choose this type of medical care as they have a great amount of control over their care. Costs run as high as $5,000 and up per year depending upon what services are included but there are also much cheaper programs that cover basic medical care and more limited access to the doctors.

Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz's mansion is in real life named, "Oheka Castle" and is the 2nd biggest personal home ever constructed in the U.S. It took five years to build from 1914-1919. The largest private home ever built in the U.S. is the "Biltmore" in Asheville, North Carolina which was built between 1889-1895 and has a floor plan consisting of 250 rooms covering 135,000 square feet!

The majority of the firefighters that you see in the background during episodes of Royal Pains are real life members of the Southampton Fire Department. The fire trucks themselves however are not real. They are props.

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