Robocop Cast

Series Description

Robocop was a sci-fi series based on the Robocop movies. Robocop was a Cyborg (part-human, part-machine) and his crime-fighting escapades in Delta City during the early 21st century.

Robocop Cast

Richard Eden .... Alex Murphy /Robocop
Yvette Nipar .... Lisa Madigan
David Gardner .... OCP Chairman
Blu Mankuma .... Stanley Parks
Sarah Campbell .... Gadget

Robocop Trivia

The police department on Robocop was run by "Omni Consumer Products" (OCP). OCP also ran the local government and manufactured most consumer products.

Robocop himself was actually the head and brain of Alex Murphy, a former police officer who was critically injured in a shootout. His head was connected to a nearly indestructable robotic body featuring high-tech weapons.

Alex had his memories erased when he became Robocop but he could occasionally remember small bits of his former life.

Each episode of Robocop began with a "Media Break". It's slogan was, "Give us three minutes and we'll give you the world".

In addition to the Robocop movies and the Robocop TV show, there were also two cartoon series. In 1994, "Robocop: The Animated Series" and in 1998, "Robocop: Alpha Commando".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Robocop - The First and Only Season

  1. The Future of Law Enforcement - Part 1 (3/18/1994)
  2. The Future of Law Enforcement - Part 2 (3/18/1994)
  3. Prime Suspect (3/25/1994)
  4. Trouble in Delta City (4/1/1994)
  5. Officer Missing (4/8/1994)
  6. What Money Can't Buy (4/15/1994)
  7. Ghosts of War (4/22/1994)
  8. Zone Five (4/29/1994)
  9. Provision 22 (5/6/1994)
  10. Faces of Eve (5/13/1994)
  11. When Justice Fails (5/20/1994)
  12. The Human Factor (5/27/1994)
  13. Inside Crime (7/1/1994)
  14. RoboCop vs. Commander Cash (7/8/1994)
  15. Illusions (7/15/1994)
  16. The Tin Man (7/22/1994)
  17. Sisters in Crime (7/29/1994)
  18. Heartbreakers (9/9/1994)
  19. Mother's Day (9/16/1994)
  20. Nanno (9/23/1994)
  21. Corporate Raiders (11/12/1994)
  22. Midnight Minus One (11/19/1994)
  23. Public Enemies (11/26/1994)
Robocop Theatrical Movies

RoboCop (7/17/1987)
RoboCop 2 (6/22/1990)
RoboCop 3 (11/19/1993)

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