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Series Description

The Ringer TV show is a 60 minute drama series that premiered on September 13, 2011 on the CW Network. It's a story of two identical twin sisters. One who is running from the mob. Her life is a mess. The other is wealthy and seems to have the perfect life. When the two take a boat ride together, the wealthy sister disappears mysteriously. The other sister sees that as her opportunity for a better life and assumes her sister's identity. To her dismay, she learns that her sister's life contained dark secrets and she's still facing danger.

Ringer Cast

Sarah Michelle Gellar .... Bridget Kelly / Siobhan Marx
Ioan Gruffudd .... Andrew Martin
Nestor Carbonell .... Victor Machado
Kristoffer Polaha .... Henry Butler
Mike Colter .... Malcolm Howard
Zoey Deutch .... Juliet Martin
Justin Bruening .... Tyler Barrett
Jaime Murray .... Olivia Charles
Jason Dohring .... Mr. Carpenter
Zahn McClarnon .... Bodaway Macawi
Andrea Roth .... Catherine Martin (2012)
Tara Summers .... Gemma Gallagher (2011)
Billy Miller .... Charlie Young
Chris Elwood .... Doug Cupertino
Gage Golightly .... Tessa Banner
Jordan Marder .... Tall Man
Darren Pettie .... Detective Jimmy Kemper
Noah Watts .... Daniel Eknath
Maximiliano Hernandez .... Detective Towers
Meagan Holder .... Claudine
Sean Patrick Thomas .... Solomon Vessida (2012)
Gregory Harrison .... Tim Arbogast (2012)

Ringer Trivia

The show was green-lit by CBS who were interested in working with Sarah Michelle Gellar. They failed to pick up to the pilot to a full series citing that it was down to a lack of available spots on the schedule and the serialization of the show not fitting in with CBS's procedural nature. However, the show was immediately picked up by the CW network thereafter.

The pilot was filmed in New York City but subsequent episodes were filmed in Los Angeles.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nestor Carbonell, Ioan Gruffudd, Kristoffer Polaha, all attended San Diego's 2011 Comic Con, in panel to promote the show.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/13/2011)
  2. She's Ruining Everything (9/20/2011)
  3. If You Ever Want A French Lesson (9/27/2011)
  4. It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It (10/4/2011)
  5. A Whole New Kind Of Bitch (10/11/2011)
  6. The Poor Kids Do It Everyday (10/18/2011)
  7. Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them? (11/1/2011)
  8. Maybe We Can Get A Dog Instead? (11/8/2011)
  9. Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna (11/15/2011)
  10. That's What You Get For Trying To Kill Me (11/29/2011)
  11. It Just Got Normal (1/31/2012)
  12. What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag? (2/7/2012)
  13. It's Easy to Cry When This Much Cash is Involved (2/14/2012)
  14. Whores Don't Make That Much (2/21/2012)
  15. P.s. You're An Idiot (2/28/2012)
  16. You're Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail (3/6/2012)
  17. What We Have Is Worth The Pain (3/13/2012)
  18. That Woman's Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life (3/20/2012)
  19. Let's Kill Bridget (3/27/2012)
  20. If You're Just An Evil Bitch Then Get Over It (4/3/2012)
  21. It's Called Improvising, Bitch! (4/10/2012)
  22. I'm The Good Twin (4/17/2012)

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