Revolution Cast

Series Description

Revolution is a 60 minute science fiction series on NBC that takes place fifteen years after all of the power on Earth blacked out and never came back. Not just the electrical power in homes and businesses is gone rather ALL power including that in batteries, aircraft engines and automobiles. The modern world has come to an end! Governments have fallen and small militias run by warlords brutally seek power over others. While innocent people die and other struggle to survive one young woman attempts to find her father. He was taken by a warlord because it was believed that dad knows why the power went out. Even more important, he may know how to restore it!

Revolution Cast

Billy Burke .... Miles
Tracy Spiridakos .... Charlie
Anna Lise Phillips .... Maggie
Graham Rogers .... Danny
JD Pardo .... Nate
Zak Orth .... Aaron
Maria Howell .... Grace
David Lyons .... Bass / General Monroe
Giancarlo Esposito .... Captain Tom Neville
Tim Guinee .... Ben

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