Reunion Cast

Series Description

The Reunion TV show was a 60 minute mystery drama series on the FOX Network about six friends who got together at their 20th high school reunion. When one of them turned up dead, the others became the main murder suspects. Using flashbacks, the series followed a detective's investigation into their pasts to discover what may have occurred that would give one of them a motive for murder.

Reunion Cast

Will Estes .... Will Malloy
Sean Faris .... Craig Brewster
Dave Annable .... Aaron Trumbull
Alexa Davalos .... Samantha Carlton
Amanda Righetti .... Jenna Moretti
Chyler Leigh .... Carla Noll
Mathew St. Patrick .... Detective Marjorino

The Reunion Trivia

There were four episodes of The Reunion TV show that were produced but were not broadcast due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were: "1995", "1996", "1997", and "1998".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. 1986 (9/8/2005)
  2. 1987 (9/22/2005)
  3. 1988 (9/29/2005)
  4. 1989 (11/3/2005)
  5. 1990 (11/10/2005)
  6. 1991 (11/17/2005)
  7. 1992 (12/1/2005)
  8. 1993 (12/8/2005)
  9. 1994 (12/15/2005)

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