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Series Description

The Return Of The Saint TV show was a 60 minute British spy action series on ITV about "one smooth character" named Simon Templar, commonly known as "The Saint". He was a thief who only stole from criminals. On top of that, he would steal from them in a way that would result in their being captured by the law! Even so, Inspector Claude Eustace Teal saw him as just another thief and relentlessly chased him. Of course, Simon managed to stay one step ahead of the law and out of the sight of his "marks" at the same time.


Ian Ogilvy .... Simon Templar

Return Of The Saint Trivia

The original idea for "The Saint" was that of Leslie Charteris who wrote more than 100 books about the Saint during his lifetime. About 40 of those books were written in French and have never been translated into English!

"The Saint" was in over 100 books, a comic strip, magazine articles (in various magazines), its own magazine, 15 movies, a radio program, 3 TV shows, and its own bubblegum cards!

In the Saint books, Simon Templar drove a "Hironel" and would occasionally drive a "Furillac" or a "Desurio". Those auto brands were all fictional. Then when the original "Saint" TV show starring Roger Moore started, the producers decided they wanted either a Volvo P1800 and/or a Jaguar XK-E. Volvo provided a car and Jaguar didn't and, after the resounding success of the show, they regreted it! They didn't make the same mistake on, "The Return of the Saint". The series received a Jaguar XJ-S. In the Saint movie starring Val Kilmer, he drove a red Volvo C70 Turbo Coupe.

Ian Oglivy was one of the final few being considered to replace Roger Moore as James Bond. He didn't get the role but he did appear in several TV commercials as a "Bond-Like" character.

Occasionally, you might see a late night movie called, "The Saint and the Brave Goose". That movie is simply the two-part episode of this series called "Collision Course".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season And Only Season

  1. The Judas Game (9/10/1978)
  2. The Nightmare Man (9/17/1978)
  3. Duel In Venice (9/24/1978)
  4. One Black September (10/1/1978)
  5. The Village That Sold Its Soul (10/8/1978)
  6. Assault Force (10/15/1978)
  7. Yesterday's Hero (10/22/1978)
  8. The Poppy Chain (10/29/1978)
  9. The Arrangement (11/5/1978)
  10. The Armageddon Alternative (11/12/1978)
  11. The Imprudent Professor (11/19/1978)
  12. Signal Stop (11/26/1978)
  13. The Roman Touch (12/3/1978)
  14. Tower Bridge Is Falling Down (12/10/1978)
  15. The Debt Collectors (12/17/1978)
  16. Collision Course - Part 1: The Brave Goose (1/7/1979)
  17. Collision Course - Part 2: The Sixth Man (1/14/1979)
  18. Hot Run (1/21/1979)
  19. The Murder Cartel (1/28/1979)
  20. The Obona Affair (2/4/1979)
  21. Vicious Circle (2/11/1979)
  22. Dragonseed (2/25/1979)
  23. Appointment In Florence (3/4/1979)
  24. The Diplomat's Daughter (3/11/1979)

The Saint in New York (1938-Louis Hayward as Simon Templar)
The Saint Strikes Back (1939-George Sanders as Simon Templar)
The Saint in London (1939-George Sanders)
The Saint's Double Trouble (1940-George Sanders)
The Saint Takes Over (1940-George Sanders)
The Saint in Palm Springs (1940-George Sanders)
The Saint's Vacation (1940-Hugh Sinclair)
The Saint Meets the Tiger (1943-Hugh Sinclair)
The Saint's Return aka The Saint's Girl Friday (1953-Louis Hayward)
The Saint in Manhattan (1987-Andrew Clarke)
The Brazilian Connection (1989-Simon Dutton)
The Blue Dulac (1989-Simon Dutton)
The Software Murders (1989-Simon Dutton)
The Big Bang (1989-Simon Dutton)
Wrong Number (1989-Simon Dutton)
Fear in Fun Park (1989-Simon Dutton)
The Saint (1997-Val Kilmer)

Other TV Series:

The Saint Starring Roger Moore (April 1962 to September 1969)

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