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Rat Patrol was a 30 minute war action series on ABC about 3 American and one British commando who have Jeeps armed with .50 caliber machine guns. They used fast attack tactics to fight against Rommel's tank corps in the North African desert during World War II.

Rat Patrol Cast

Christopher George .... Sergeant Sam Troy
Gary Raymond .... Sergeant Jack Moffitt
Justin Tarr .... Private Tully Pettigrew
Lawrence P. Casey .... Private Mark Hitchcock
Eric Braeden .... Hauptmann (German Captain) Hans Dietrich

Rat Patrol Trivia

This series was inspired by the "Long Range Desert Group", a unit equiped with modified trucks mounted with machine guns and designed to stand up to use in the harsh conditions of the desert. The unit was composed of troops from Britain, New Zealand and Rhodesia.

Some of the British forces in North Africa were referred to as "Rats of Tobruk" or simply "Desert Rats". That is where the title of this series came from.

Many Brits were extremely offended by the Rat Patrol's being based on a British unit and only having one British soldier in the unit on the series (and three Americans). They felt that the Americans were trying to rewrite a glorious moment in British history. This ultimately ended with the BBC pulling the Rat Patrol from their viewing schedule!

The Rat Patrol premiered on ABC at 8:30 PM eastern time on a Monday night. In the same time slot, CBS was airing "The Lucy Show" and NBC was broadcasting "The Roger Miller Show". It was a somewhat tough night because the beloved comedian "George Burns" was guest-starring on The Lucy Show.

The Rat Patrol was the very first World War II television series to be broadcast in color for its entire run!

Private Mark Hitchcock's red cap might have appeared to be a Lieutenant's Kepi from the Civil War but it was actually one worn by the French Foreign Legion.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Rat Patrol - Season 1

  1. Chase Of Fire Raid (9/12/1966)
  2. Life Against Death Raid (919//1966)
  3. Wildest Raid Of All (9/26/1966)
  4. Kill Or Be Killed Raid (10/3/1966)
  5. Chain Of Death Raid (10/10/1966)
  6. Do Or Die Raid (10/17/1966)
  7. Blind Man's Bluff Raid (10/24/1966)
  8. Fatal Chase Raid (10/31/1966)
  9. Blow Sky High Raid (11/7/1966)
  10. Moment Of Truce Raid (11/14/1966)
  11. Deadly Double Raid (11/21/1966)
  12. Gun Runner Raid (11/28/1966)
  13. Lighthouse Raid (12/5/1966)
  14. Daredevil Rescue Raid (12/12/1966)
  15. Last Harbor Raid (1) (12/19/1966)
  16. Last Harbor Raid (2) (12/26/1966)
  17. Last Harbor Raid (3) (1/2/1967)
  18. One That Got Away Raid (1/9/1967)
  19. Two For One Raid (1/16/1967)
  20. Last Chance Raid (1/23/1967)
  21. B Negative Raid (1/30/1967)
  22. Exhibit "A" Raid (2/6/1967)
  23. Holy War Raid (2/13/1967)
  24. Two Against Time Raid (2/20/1967)
  25. Wild Goose Raid (2/27/1967)
  26. Bring 'Em Back Alive Raid (3/13/1967)
  27. Take Me To Your Leader Raid (3/20/1967)
  28. Double Or Nothing Raid (3/27/1967)
  29. Hour Glass Raid (4/3/1967)
  30. Mask-A-Raid (4/10/1967)
  31. Fire And Brimstone Raid (4/24/1967)
  32. Delilah Raid (5/1/1967)
The Rat Patrol - Season 2
  1. Truce At Aburah Raid (9/11/1967)
  2. David And Goliath Raid (9/18/1967)
  3. Trial By Fire Raid (9/25/1967)
  4. Darers Go First Raid (10/2/1967)
  5. Love Thine Enemy Raid (10/9/1967)
  6. Darkest Raid (10/16/1967)
  7. Death Do Us Part Raid (10/30/1967)
  8. Do-Re-Mi Raid (11/6/1967)
  9. Kingdom Come Raid (11/13/1967)
  10. Hide-And-Go-Seek Raid (11/20/1967)
  11. Violent Truce Raid (11/27/1967)
  12. Life-For-A-Life Raid (12/4/1967)
  13. Fifth Wheel Raid (12/11/1967)
  14. Two If By Sea Raid (12/18/1967)
  15. Street Urchins Raid (12/25/1967)
  16. Pipeline To Disaster Raid (1/1/1968)
  17. Boomerang Raid (1/8/1968)
  18. Fatal Reunion Raid (1/15/1968)
  19. Decoy Raid (1/22/1968)
  20. Touch-And-Go Raid (2/5/1968)
  21. Field Of Death Raid (2/12/1968)
  22. Double Jeopardy Raid (2/19/1968)
  23. Hickory, Dickory Dock Raid (2/26/1968)
  24. Tug-Of-War Raid (3/4/1968)
  25. Never-Say-Die Raid (3/11/1968)
  26. Kill At Koorlea Raid (3/18/1968)

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