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The Queen and I Cast

Series Description

The Queen and I was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS about a troublemaking, scam artist who was also an officer on a nearly worn out cruise ship. He nearly drove his first officer crazy. The first officer kept a close eye on everything the troublemaker did but he and some of the other crew members were pretty good at keeping their hijinks secret.

The Queen and I Cast

Larry Storch .... Charles Duffy
Billy DeWolfe .... Oliver Nelson
Carl Ballantine .... Becker
Pat Morita .... Barney
Dave Morick .... Max Kowalski
Barbara Stuart .... Wilma Winslow
Liam Dunn .... Captain Washburn
Reginald Owen .... Commodore Dodds
Dave Willock .... Ozzie

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Queen and I - The First And Only Season

  1. Duffy's Cruise (1/11/1969)
  2. The No-Cruise Cruise (1/16/1969)
  3. The Promotion (1/23/1969)
  4. Requiem For Becker (1/29/1969)
  5. Who's Holding The Bag (2/6/1969)
  6. Duffy Against The Computer (2/20/1969)
  7. Who Am I Talking To? (2/29/1969)
  8. My Karate Lies Over The Ocean (3/6/1969)
  9. Hossfeathers (3/13/1969)
  10. But To A Captain, Is He A Captain? (3/20/1969)
  11. The Trousseau (3/26/1969)
  12. Don't Make Big Waves (4/17/1969)
  13. Kowalski Of Harvard (4/24/1969)

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