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Project Runway Cast

Series Description

Project Runway is a 60 minute competitive reality series that aired on Bravo for its first five seasons and then moved to Lifetime. It was about aspiring fashion designers who compete against each other in order to win industry recognition and cash or other prizes worth in excess of $100,000.

Project Runway Cast

Heidi Klum .... Host
Tim Gunn .... Mentor
Nina Garcia .... Judge
Michael Kors .... Judge

Season One:

Jay McCarroll .... Winner
Kara Saun .... 2nd Place
Wendy Pepper .... 3rd Place


Season Two:

Chloe Dao .... Winner
Daniel Vosovic .... 2nd Place
Santino Rice .... 3rd Place


Season Three:

Jeffrey Sebelia .... Winner
Uli Herzner .... 2nd Place
Laura Bennett .... 3rd Place
Mychael Knight .... 4th Place


Season Four:

Christian Siriano .... Winner
Rami Kashou .... 2nd Place
Jillian Lewis .... 3rd Place


Season Five:

Leanne Marshall .... Winner
Korto Momolu .... 2nd Place
Kenley Collins .... 3rd Place


Season Six:

Irina Shabayeva .... Winner
Althea Harper .... 2nd Place
Carol Hannah Whitfield .... 3rd Place


Season Seven:

Seth Aaron Henderson .... Winner
Emilio Sosa .... 2nd Place
Mila Hermanovski .... 3rd Place


Season Eight:

Gretchen Jones .... Winner
Mondo Guerra .... 2nd Place
Andy South .... 3rd Place


Season Nine:

Anya Ayoung-Chee .... Winner
Joshua McKinley .... 2nd Place
Viktor Luna .... 3rd Place
Kimberly Goldson .... 4th Place


Season Ten:

Dmitry Sholokhov .... Winner
Fabio Costa .... 2nd Place
Melissa Fleis .... 3rd Place
Christopher Palu .... 4th Place


Season Eleven:

Michelle Lesniak Franklin .... Winner
Patricia Michaels .... 2nd Place
Stanley Hudson .... 3rd Place
Daniel Esquivel .... 4th Place


Season Twelve:

Dominique "Dom" Streater .... Winner
Alexandria von Bromssen .... 2nd Place
Justin LeBlanc .... 3rd Place
Bradon McDonald .... 4th Place

Season Thirteen:

Sean Kelly .... Winner
Amanda Valentine .... 2nd Place
Kiniokahokula "Kini" Zamora .... 3rd Place
Charketa "Char" Glover .... 4th Place

Project Runway Trivia

Several celebrities have served as guest judges on Project Runway including Jessica Alba, Selma Blair, Lauren Hutton, Nicole Richie and Kerry Washington.

Project Runway's move from NBC to Lifetime was a legal mess! The Weinstein Company who produces the series made a deal with Lifetime in 2006 to move the series to Lifetime for five additional seasons. NBC filed a court case against Weinstein saying that their deal with Lifetime violated their contract with NBC. After nearly three years, in 2009 the parties settled the dispute when Weinstein agreed to pay NBC for the right to move Project Runway to Lifetime. The amount they paid was never disclosed. Ironically, shortly after that A&E Television purchased Lifetime's parent company, "Lifetime Entertainment Services" which was partially owned by NBC so just a few months after the lawsuit was settled, NBC again owned a portion of Project Runway!

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