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The Profiler Cast

Series Description

The Profiler TV show was a 60 minute fantasy/horror series on NBC about a forensic psychologist with psychic abilities. When she arrived at the scene of a murder, she could actually see the crime take place through the eyes of both the victim and the perpetrator.

The Profiler Cast

Ally Walker .... Dr. Samantha "Sam" Waters
Julian McMahon .... John Grant
Robert Davi .... Bailey Malone
Erica Gimpel .... Angel Brown
Caitlin Wachs .... Chloe Waters
Roma Maffia .... Grace Alvarez
Peter Frechette .... George Findley
Jamie Luner .... Rachel Burke
Dennis Christopher .... Jack "Of All Trades"

The Profiler Trivia

Jack "Of All Trades" was a serial killer. When Samantha got a little too close to identifying him, he got obsessed with her and killed her husband. NBC tried to keep Jack mysterious by not identifying the actor who portrayed him but fans soon recognized him as Dennis Christopher.

Ally Walker has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Richmond College of the Arts in London, England. She was discovered by a producer while dining at a restaurant and was given a role in a movie. She was Clairol's Nice and Easy Girl in 1989.

Prior to entering show business, Ally Walker was a genetic engineering researcher. Her father was a nuclear researcher.

Julian McMahon studied law at the University of Sydney, but after one year he dropped out to beginn a career in modeling. He did many commercials and also travelled worldwide doing print modeling jobs. He did a couple of TV series in canceled and a few Canadian and British films before landing the role of Ian Rain on the daytime drama, "Another World" in the USA in 1992. He is the son of "Sir William McMahon" a former Canadian Prime Minister! He once said that acting was just another way to make money.

Robert Davi originally wanted to be an opera singer but he damaged his voice. His big break came when he was cast alongside Frank Sinatra in the film "Contract on Cherry Street (1977)". He currently has more than 60 roles to his credit. He is the only actor to have starring roles in both of Metro Goldwyn Mayer's two biggest frachises: James Bond and Pink Panther. He's also very involved in volunteer work for a large number of charities; most of them dealing with children in need.

Erica Gimpel is probably best known for her role as Coco Hernandez on the TV show, "Fame". She was a regular cast member on that series for four years and made many guest appearances after leaving. It's interesting that Erica actually did attend the prestigious High School of Performing Arts in real life. She hasn't given up on her musical talents just because she's now a successful actress. In her free time she sings, plays the piano and writes music.

Caitlin Wachs' first credited role was in 1992 at the age of only 3 years old on the daytime drama, "Days of Our Lives (1962)". Since the Profiler TV show ended, she has had a very busy movie career.

Originally, George Findley played by Peter Frechette was only supposed to appear in the Profiler's pilot. The producers were so impressed that they kept him on as a regular! That's not too surprising though as his acting skills earned him a Tony Award nomination in 1988 for his appearance on Broadway in the play, "Eastern Standard".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Insight (9/21/1996)
  2. Ring Of Fire (9/28/1996)
  3. Unholy Alliance (10/19/1996)
  4. I'll Be Watching You (10/26/1996)
  5. Unsoiled Sovereignty (11/2/1996)
  6. Modus Operandi (11/9/1996)
  7. Night Dreams (11/16/1996)
  8. Cruel And Unusual (12/14/1996)
  9. The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1/4/1997)
  10. Shattered Silence (1/11/1997)
  11. Doppelganger (1/18/1997)
  12. Learning From The Masters (2/1/1997)
  13. The House That Jack Built (2/8/1997)
  14. Shadow Of Angels - Part 1: Noblesse Oblige (2/15/1997)
  15. Shadow Of Angels - Part 2: Gestalt (2/15/1997)
  16. Film At Eleven (3/8/1997)
  17. Crisis (3/22/1997)
  18. Blue Highways (4/5/1997)
  19. FTX: Field Training Exercise (4/12/1997)
  20. Into The Abyss (4/26/1997)
  21. Venom - Part 1 (5/10/1997)
  22. Venom - Part 2 (5/10/1997)
Season 2
  1. Ambition In The Blood (11/1/1997)
  2. Primal Scream (11/8/1997)
  3. It Cuts Both Ways (11/15/1997)
  4. Second Best (11/22/1997)
  5. Power Corrupts (12/6/1997)
  6. Old Acquaintance (12/12/1997)
  7. Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick (1/3/1998)
  8. Victims Of Victims (1/10/1998)
  9. Birthright (1/17/1998)
  10. Dying To Live (1/31/1998)
  11. Ties That Bind (2/7/1998)
  12. Shoot To Kill (3/7/1998)
  13. Bloodlust (3/14/1998)
  14. Every Five Minutes (3/21/1998)
  15. Breaking Point (3/28/1998)
  16. Lethal Obsession (4/4/1998)
  17. Cycle Of Violence (4/11/1998)
  18. Die Beautiful (5/2/1998)
  19. The Root Of All Evil - Part 1 (5/9/1998)
  20. The Root Of All Evil - Part 2 (5/9/1998)
Season 3
  1. Coronation (10/17/1998)
  2. Cravings (10/24/1998)
  3. Do The Right Thing (10/31/1998)
  4. Double Vision (11/7/1998)
  5. The Sum Of Her Parts (11/14/1998)
  6. The Monster Within (11/21/1998)
  7. Perfect Helen (12/5/1998)
  8. Home For The Homicide (12/12/1998)
  9. All In The Family (1/2/1999)
  10. Ceremony Of Innocence (1/9/1999)
  11. Where Or When (1/16/1999)
  12. Inheritance (2/6/1999)
  13. Heads, You Lose (2/13/1999)
  14. Otis, California (2/20/1999)
  15. Spree Of Love (2/27/1999)
  16. Burnt Offerings (3/20/1999)
  17. Three Carat Crisis (4/3/1999)
  18. Seduction (4/10/1999)
  19. Grand Master - Part 2 (5/8/1999) (Part 1 Aired On The Pretender)
  20. La Brisas (5/15/1999)
  21. What's Love Got To Do With It? (6/5/1999)
Season 4
  1. Reunion - Part 1 (9/25/1999)
  2. Reunion - Part 2 (10/2/1999)
  3. Old Ghosts (11/6/1999)
  4. Infidelity (11/13/1999)
  5. To Serve & Protect (11/20/1999)
  6. Learning From The Masters (12/4/1999)
  7. Train Man (1/8/2000)
  8. Quid Pro Quo (1/15/2000)
  9. Clean Sweep (2/5/2000)
  10. Random Act (2/12/2000)
  11. Besieged (2/19/2000)
  12. Proteus (2/26/2000)
  13. Paradise Lost (3/11/2000)
  14. The Long Way Home (3/18/2000)
  15. House Of Cards (3/25/2000)
  16. Blind Eye (4/1/2000)
  17. Mea Culpa (4/22/2000)
  18. Pianissimo (4/29/2000)
  19. On Your Marks (5/6/2000)
  20. Tsuris (7/1/2000)

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