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Private Benjamin Cast

Series Description

The Private Benjamin TV show was a comedy series about a spoiled little rich girl who joined the Army on a whim. She thought that she needed a change in her life, but she didn't have any idea just how big the change would be. She asked her drill instructor for a wake up call and wanted to know when dinner would be served! Well, she got a rude awakening when her superiors wake her abruptly at 4am and make her stand at attention in line at the chow hall! Based on the movie of the same name starring Goldie Hawn as Judy Benjamin.


Lorna Patterson .... Private Judy Benjamin
Eileen Brennan .... Captain Doreen Lewis
Hal Williams .... Sergeant Major Lucien C. "Ted" Ross
Damita Jo Freeman .... Private Jackie Sims
Lisa Raggio .... Private Maria Gianelli
Lucy Webb .... Private Luanne Hubble
Ann Ryerson .... Private Carol Winter
Wendy Jo Sperber .... Private Stacy Kouchalakas
Robert Mandan .... Colonel Lawrence Fielding
Joyce Little .... Private Rayleen White
Joan Roberts .... Private Barbara Ann Glass
Francesca Roberts .... Private Harriet Dorsey
Joel Brooks .... Lieutenant Billy Dean

Opening Narrative

"Ten Hut! ... Hi! My name is Judy Benjamin, Uh, Private Benjamin. I was a debutante. I traveled all over the world, but I was bored ... felt unwanted. The Army not only wanted me, they promised it would be wonderful. Things aren't perfect in the Army ... yet. But I am sure with a little time, I can get them to do things my way."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Benjamin To The Rescue (4/2/1981)
  2. Jungle Swamp Survivial (4/9/1981)
  3. Party (4/16/1981)
  4. Captain's Helper (4/23/1981)
Season 2
  1. Judy's In The Driver's Seat (10/9/1981)
  2. Judy Got Her Gun (10/15/1981)
  3. Man On The Floor (10/22/1981)
  4. Give Me Liberty (2-Part Special) (10/29/1981)
  5. For The Love Of Judy (11/13/1981)
  6. Undercover Judy (12/3/1981)
  7. Gone With The Jeep (12/17/1981)
  8. So Long, Sergeant Ross (12/24/1981)
  9. Not For Men Only (1/14/1982)
  10. Moments To Remember (1/21/1982)
  11. Are You Sure Mike Wallace Started Like This? (1/28/1982)
  12. I Wonder Who's Blackballing Her Now? (2/5/1982)
  13. Beauty And The Brass (2/12/1982)
  14. When It's HOT It's HOT (2/26/1982)
  15. S*M*A*S*H (3/15/1982)
  16. Reds And Blues (3/22/1982)
  17. Profile In Courage (3/29/1982)
  18. Me, Me, Me (4/1/1982)
  19. Real World (4/12/1982)
Season 3
  1. Astro-Chimp (9/14/1982)
  2. Judy's Army (9/21/1982)
  3. You Oughta Be In Pictures (9/27/1982)
  4. Tank's Soldier (10/4/1982)
  5. Sacred Land (10/11/1982)
  6. Ross Versus The Robot (10/18/1982)
  7. Chariots Of Ire (10/25/1982)
  8. The Triangle (11/5/1982)
  9. Fielding's Crisis (11/12/1982)
  10. The Talent Show (11/24/1982)
  11. Take My Mother, Please (12/23/1982)
  12. Judy's Cousin (1/4/1983)
  13. Be All You Can Be (1/10/1983)

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