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Pistols 'N Petticoats Cast

Series Description

The Pistols 'N' Petticoats TV show was a western comedy series about a goofy family of gunslingers. According to the theme song, Grandma was the best shot!


Ann Sheridan .... Henrietta Hanks
Douglas V. Fowley .... Grandpa
Ruth McDevitt .... Grandma
Gary Vinson .... Sheriff Harold Sikes
Carole Wells .... Lucy Hanks
Robert Lowery .... Buss Courtney
Lon Chaney, Jr. .... Chief Eagle Shadow
Marc Cavell .... Gray Hawk
Jay Silverheels .... Great Bear
Alex Henteloff .... Little Bear

Theme Song

Title: "Pistols 'N Petticoats Theme"

Written By: "George Tibbles" & "Jack Elliot"

Here's the legend about the Hanks in Pistols 'n' Petticoats.

Henrietta can fire a gun with one hand milkin' the goat.
And hit a coyote on the run in Pistols n Petticoats.

The story goes that grandma is the best
at shootin' buttons off a rustler's vest.
Shootin' buttons off a rustler's vest.

Grandpa kept his gun in trim, nobody messed around with him.
Nobody messed around with him.

Chasin' bandits was fun for them from Bristol to Tarahut.
Everyone in the west would run from Pistols 'n' Petticoats.

That's the legend about the Hanks just as she was wrote.
They kept busy protecting banks in Pistols 'n' Petticoats.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. A Crooked Line (9/17/1966)
  2. No Sale (9/24/1966)
  3. Bitter Blossom O'Brien (10/1/1966)
  4. Sir Richard Of Wretched (10/8/1966)
  5. The Hank And The Indian War (10/15/1966)
  6. The Triangle (10/22/1966)
  7. A Wagonload Of Wives (10/29/1966)
  8. The Ross Guttley Story (11/5/1966)
  9. The Gun Runners (11/12/1966)
  10. Quit Shootin' Folks, Grandma (11/26/1966)

NOTE: There was a Pistols 'N' Petticoats pilot which never aired.
"Quit Shootin' Folks, Grandma" was a remake of that pilot!

  1. Shootout At The O'Day Corral (12/3/1966)
  2. Here Comes Trouble (12/17/1966)
  3. Willie The Kid (12/24/1966)
  4. Beautiful Wretched (12/31/1966)
  5. Faint Heart Never Won Grandpa (1/7/1967)
  6. A Man For Hank (1/28/1967)
  7. Petrified Wretched (2/4/1967)
  8. The Golden Fleece (2/11/1967)
  9. Peace Offering (2/18/1967)
  10. The Taming Of Sorry Water (2/25/1967)
  11. A Colonel Comes To Town (3/4/1967)
  12. Harold's Double (3/11/1967)

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