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The Paul Lynde Show Cast

Series Description

The Paul Lynde Show was a comedy series about a hard working attorney who becomes extremely irritated when his oldest daughter married a guy with no ambition whatsoever and moved in to live off him!


Paul Lynde .... Paul Simms
Elizabeth Allen .... Martha Simms
Pamelyn Ferdin .... Sally Simms
Jerry Stiller .... Barney Dickerson
Anne Meara .... Grace Dickerson
Jane Actman .... Barbara Simms Dickerson
John Calvin .... Howie Dickerson
James Gregory .... T.R. Scott
Herb Voland .... T.J. McNish
Allison McKay .... Alice

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Howie Comes Home To Roost (9/13/1972)
  2. Whiz Kid Sizzles As Quiz Fizzles (9/20/1972)
  3. The Landlord (9/27/1972)
  4. No Nudes Is Good Nudes (10/4/1972)
  5. To Commune Or Not To Commune (10/11/1972)
  6. How To Be Unhappy, Though Poor (10/18/1972)
  7. Pollution Solution (10/25/1972)
  8. To Wed Or Not To Wed (11/1/1972)
  9. Unsteady Going (11/8/1972)
  10. Whose Lib? (11/22/1972)
  11. Meet Aunt Charlotte (11/29/1972)
  12. An Affair To Forget (12/6/1972)
  13. Martha's Last Hurrah (12/13/1972)
  14. Paul's Desperate Hours (12/20/1972)
  15. No More Mister Nice Guy (12/27/1972)
  16. The Bare Facts (1/3/1973)
  17. Howie's Inheritance (1/10/1973)
  18. P.S., I Loathe You (1/17/1973)
  19. The Congressman's Son (1/24/1973)
  20. Out Of Bounds (1/31/1973)
  21. Is This Trip Necessary? (2/7/1973)
  22. Everything You Wanted To Know About Your Mother-In-Law But Were Afraid To Ask (2/14/1973)
  23. Back Talk (2/21/1973)
  24. Barbara Goes Home To Mother (2/28/1973)
  25. Togetherness (3/7/1973)
  26. Springtime For Paul (3/14/1973)

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