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The Outsider Cast

Series Description

The Outsider TV show was a 60 minute drama series on NBC about a private investigator operating in Los Angeles, California and the cases he pursued.

The Outsider Cast

Darren McGavin .... David Ross

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The TV Pilot:

The Outsider (As A "World Premiere" Movie) (11/21/1967)

The First And Only Season

  1. For Members Only (9/18/1968)
  2. What Flowers Daisies Are (9/25/1968)
  3. Along Came A Spider (10/2/1968)
  4. A Wide Place In The World (10/9/1968)
  5. As Cold As Ashes (10/16/1968)
  6. A Time To Run (10/30/1968)
  7. Love Is Under "L" (11/7/1968)
  8. The Twenty-Thousand Dollar Carrot (11/14/1968)
  9. One Long Stemmed American Beauty (11/20/1968)
  10. I Can't Hear You Scream (11/27/1968)
  11. Tell It Like It Was ... And You're Dead (12/4/1968)
  12. The Land Of The Fox (12/18/1968)
  13. There Was A Little Girl (12/25/1968)
  14. The Girl From Missouri (1/8/1969)
  15. The Secret Of Mareno Bay (1/15/1969)
  16. The Old School Tie (1/22/1969)
  17. A Bowl Of Cherries (1/29/1969)
  18. Behind God's Back (2/5/1969)
  19. Take The Key And Lock Him Up (2/12/1969)
  20. The Flip Side (2/26/1969)
  21. Handle With Care (3/5/1969)
  22. All The Social Graces (3/12/1969)
  23. A Lot Of Muscle (3/25/1969)
  24. Periwinkle Blue (4/2/1969)
  25. Service For One (4/9/1969)
  26. Through A Stained Glass Window (4/16/1969)

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