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The Out of This World TV show was a 30 minute family comedy series with a sci-fi twist that aired in syndication for 96 episodes from 1987-1991. It was about a thirteen-year-old girl whose father was an alien and her mother was an Earthling. Most episodes involved her struggle to get out of trouble caused by the use of her alien powers.

Out of This World Cast

Maureen Flannigan .... Evie Garland
Donna Pescow .... Donna Garland
Joe Alaskey .... Beano Froelich
Doug McClure .... Kyle X. Applegate
Buzz Belmondo .... Buzz
Steve Burton .... Chris Marian Fuller
Christina Nigra .... Lindsay Selkirk
Burt Reynolds .... Troy (Voice)
John Roarke .... Phil (First Season)
Carl Steven .... Quigley Handleman (First Season)
Tony Crane .... Jeff Cummings (Fourth Season)
Tom Nolan .... Uncle Mick (Fourth Season)
Peter Pitofsky .... Peter (Fourth Season)

Out of This World Trivia

Evie's dad was an alien who lived on the planet Anterias but was never seen on the show. Evie did, however, talk to him using a crystal cube.

Evie's alien powers were; the ability to stop and restart time, materialize things into existence from nowhere, and she could also transport herself instantaneously from one place to another.

Evie lived with her mother in Marlowe, California.

The Mayor of Marlowe was the honorable Kyle Applegate who was played by Doug McClure. Doug is probably best known for his role of Trampas on the 1962-71 series, "The Virginian". Doug was one of the top stars in western movies during the 1960s but was versatile enough to accumulate nearly 60 guest-starring roles on TV series during his career, most of which were not western roles. Doug had good, boyish looks playing roles of twenty-somethings well into his forties. He worked in movies and on television practically to his dying day in early 1995 from lung cancer.

The alien ships you saw during the opening credits of the Out of This World TV show were "borrowed" from the 1979-81 TV series, "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century". In the first episodes there were scenes of aliens on the planet Anterias. The robes they were wearing were the same ones worn by the Time Lords in the 1963-89 series, "Doctor Who".

Out of This World Theme Song

Written By: "Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen"

Would you like to swing on a star
Carry moonbeams home in a jar
And be better off than you are
Or would you rather go to earth

An earthling's a creature who is plain as can be
He's not as unique as you or me
His body comes in lots of different shapes
They say his relatives were chimps and apes
But if you take my advice for what it's worth
You could be happy there on earth

Or would you like to swing on a star
Carry moonbeams home in a jar
And be better off than you are
You could be swinging on a star
You could be swinging on a star

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