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The Outlaw TV show is a 60 minute legal drama series on NBC about a Supreme Court Justice who gives up the coveted position to join a private law firm in Washington D.C. He's a little bit playboy who loves a good time but he also has a heart an didn't feel that the structure of the Judicial system allowed him to consult his heart on cases he heard on the bench. His motto is, "Follow the rules doesn't always lead to Justice. When that happens you gotta change the rules". And that's exactly what he does!

Outlaw Cast

Jimmy Smits .... Cyrus Garza
David Ramsey .... Al Druzinsky
Ellen Woglom .... Mereta Stockman
Carly Pope .... Lucinda Pearl
Jesse Bradford .... Eddie Franks
Melora Hardin .... Claire Sax

Outlaw Trivia

The Outlaw TV show was first titled, "Rough Justice" and then "Garza" before being changed finally to "Outlaw".

NBC ordered the pilot episode at the end of January of 2010, casting began in early March, filming occurred in late March and April, and by the middle of May NBC announced that they would air the series during the 2010-2011 series.

There were initial speculations that the Outlaw might be shot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where much of the pilot was filmed but Jimmy Smits and others were not thrilled with the idea of moving from California to Pennsylvania for who knows how long so it was decided to shoot most of the show on stage in Los Angeles with only the exterior scenes done in Washington, D.C.

Jimmy Smits is a perfect example of how tough it is to make it big in show business even if you are extremely talented. Even after having had a pretty impressive career including a starring role on more than 100 episodes of "L.A. Law" and another for 90 episodes on "NYPD Blue", Jimmy hit a rough spot for about six years where he got only a few parts but lost out on several huge starring roles and other projects that "almost" came through but didn't quite happen. Then in 2004 he got his role as Congressman Matt Santos on "The West Wing" and shortly after that series ended he landed the lead on the short-lived series "Cane" followed by a role on "Dexter" and now starring on "Outlaw".

Jesse Bradford began his acting career at 8-months-old in a Q-tip commercial. He's worked steadily as an actor since he was 4-years-old. He was crowned King of his high school Prom and graduated with a degree in film from Columbia University in 2002.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/15/2010)
  2. Officer Daniel Hale (9/24/2010)
  3. Jessica Davis (10/1/2010)
  4. Curtis Farwell (10/8/2010)
  5. Tracy Vidalin (10/16/2010)
  6. Tyler Banks (10/23/2010)
  7. Kelvin Jones (11/6/2010)
  8. Tony Mejia (11/13/2010)

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