One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond

Series Description

The One Step Beyond TV show was a 30 minute anthology fantasy series on ABC that featured a different story each week based upon actual reports of supernatural encounters.

One Step Beyond Cast

Host & Narrator .... John Newland

Each episode of One Step Beyond had a different cast.
Many had well-known guest stars in the lead roles.

One Step Beyond Opening Narratives:

Version #1: "Have you ever been certain the telephone would ring within the next ten seconds? Or have you ever walked down a strange street before and had the feeling you knew what laid beyond the unturned corner? Yes? Then you've had a brief encounter with the world of the unknown ... a small step beyond. Now take a giant one."

Version #2: "I hardly know what to tell you about the next half hour. Except it was reported as true by those to whom it happened. It has been investigated and no one as yet has been able to explain it or disprove it. Have your ever had the feeling that you knew what someone was going to say just before they said it or have you ever walked into a strange room and had the sensation that you've been there before? Well. if you have, you've taken a small step beyond. Now watch a giant step."

Version #3: "Come, you'll witness things strange, unexpected, mysterious, but not to be denied. Join me now and take One Step Beyond."

One Step Beyond Trivia

The official title of this TV show was "Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond". When the series reran in syndication, the title used was simply, "One Step Beyond" and that's how it is typically referred to today.

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