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The O.K. Crackerby TV show was a drama series about a man who worked hard to come from meager beginnings and become a millionaire. He knows that he will never be totally accepted by members of the "old money" crowd so he does everything he can to help his children become accepted into high society.


Burl Ives .... O.K. Crackerby
Brian Corcoran .... O.K. Crackerby, Jr.
Hal Buckley .... St. John Quincy
Joel Davison .... Hobart Crackerby
Brooke Adams .... Cynthia Crackerby
Laraine Stephens .... Susan Wentworth
John Indrisano .... The Chauffeur
Dick Foran .... Slim

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. O.K. Crackerby Arrives (9/16/1965)
  2. The Wellecliffe Story (9/23/1965)
  3. The Griffin Story (9/30/1965)
  4. Crackerby For Treasurer (10/7/1965)
  5. Crackerby's Tutor (10/14/1965)
  6. The Saint John Raid (10/21/1965)
  7. Who Was That Lady You Saw Me With? (10/28/1965)
  8. Woodman, Spare That Family Tree (11/4/1965)
  9. No Deposit, No Return (11/11/1965)
  10. Crackerby's Unfinished Symphony (11/18/1965)
  11. OL' Sam (11/25/1965)
  12. Crackerby Stops The Press (12/2/1965)
  13. Crackerby And The Cuckoo Game (12/9/1965)
  14. Bitter Ravioli (12/16/1965)
  15. Smile And The World ... (12/23/1965)
  16. Three Plus One Equals One (12/30/1965)
  17. Operation Susan (1/6/1966)

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