Odd Man Out

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Odd Man Out Cast

Series Description

The Odd Man Out TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC.

Odd Man Out Cast

Erik von Detten .... Andrew
Jessica Capshaw .... Jordan
Natalia Cigliuti .... Paige
Markie Post .... Julia
Vicki Davis .... Val
Marina Malota .... Elizabeth
Trevor Fehrman .... Keith Carlson

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The First Girlfriend's Club (9/24/1999)
  2. Good Will Hunting (10/1/1999)
  3. The Unbelievable Truth (10/8/1999)
  4. The Road To Caracas (10/15/1999)
  5. You've Got Female (10/22/1999)
  6. Batman Forever (10/29/1999)
  7. In The Name Of The Father (11/5/1999)
  8. The Fight Club (11/19/1999)
  9. Great Expectations (12/3/1999)
  10. Punch Line (12/10/1999)
  11. Little Women (12/17/1999)
  12. WHat About Bob? (12/24/1999)
  13. My Life As A Dog (1/7/2000)

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