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The No Time For Sergeants TV show was a comedy series about a "bumbling, not too bright" Air Force Airman with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, nothing he did ever turned out the way he planned. His Sergeant constantly "chews him out" but he thinks that the Sergeant is just great!


Sammy Jackson .... Airman Will Stockdale
Kevin O'Neal .... Airman Ben Whitledge
Harry Hickox .... Sergeant King
Laurie Sibbald .... Millie Anderson
Andy Clyde .... Grandpa Jim Anderson
Hayden Rorke .... Colonel Farnsworth
George Murdock .... Captain Krupnick
Paul Smith .... Captain Martin
Joe E. Tata .... Private Mike Neddick
Michael McDonald .... Private Jack Langdon
Greg Benedict .... Private Blanchard


Based upon the novel by Mac Hyman and also a play and movie starring Andy Griffith, you may have noticed that this series sounds a lot like, "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." which was a "spin-off" of the Andy Griffith Show! Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. also began in September of 1964 just like this series. Yes, two nearly identical shows on the air at the same time (although different nights). Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. definitely won the day, however, as it stayed on the air for 5 seasons versus this shows one season.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. No Time For Sergeants (9/14/1964)
  2. Blue's Wild Yonder (9/21/1964)
  3. Bloodhounds Are Thicker Than Water (9/28/1964)
  4. Grandpa's Airlift (10/5/1964)
  5. Two Aces In A Hole (10/12/1964)
  6. The Spirit Of Seventy-Five (10/19/1964)
  7. Bully For Ben (10/26/1964)
  8. Will Gets A Right-Hand Man (11/2/1964)
  9. Have No Uniform, Will Travel (11/9/1964)
  10. The Farmer In The Deal (11/16/1964)
  11. Will Goes To Washington (11/23/1964)
  12. The $100,000 Canteen (11/30/1964)
  13. Oh Krupnick, My Krupnick (12/7/1964)
  14. Do Me A Favor And Don't Do Me Any (12/14/1964)
  15. Stockdale's Island (12/21/1964)
  16. Stockdale's Millions (12/28/1964)
  17. Two For The Show (1/4/1965)
  18. The Living End (1/11/1965)
  19. My Fair Andy (1/18/1965)
  20. Stockdale, General Nuisance (1/25/1965)
  21. Too Many Stockdales (2/1/1965)
  22. A Hatful Of Muscles (2/8/1965)
  23. Where There's A Way, There's A Will Stockdale (2/15/1965)
  24. It Shouldn't Happen To A Sergeant (2/22/1965)
  25. How Now, Brown Cow (3/1/1965)
  26. The Case Of The Revolving Witness (3/8/1965)
  27. The Sergeant's Kimono (3/15/1965)
  28. Stockdale Of The Stockade (3/22/1965)
  29. Will's Misfortune Cookie (3/29/1965)
  30. The Day Blue Blew (4/5/1965)
  31. Whortleberry Roots For Everybody (4/12/1965)
  32. Andy Meets His Match (4/19/1965)
  33. Target, Stockdale (4/26/1965)
  34. The Velvet Wiggle (5/3/1965)

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