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North Shore Cast

Series Description

The North Shore TV show was a 60 minute drama series on the FOX Network that took place at a luxury hotel in Hawaii. The hotel staff did their best to make the lives of their rich and powerful guests pleasant while they also enjoyed life and love in their free time.

North Shore Cast

Kristoffer Polaha .... Jason Matthews
Brooke Burns .... Nicole Boyd
James Remar .... Vincent Boyd
Nikki DeLoach .... M.J. Bevans
Jason Momoa .... Frankie Seau
Corey Sevier .... Gabriel Miller
Amanda Righetti .... Tessa Lewis
Jay Kenneth Johnson .... Chris Remsen

North Shore Trivia

There was one episode of the North Shore TV show that was produced but did not air due to the series being canceled. It's title was "The End".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (6/14/2004)
  2. Tessa (6/21/2004)
  3. Surprise Party (6/28/2004)
  4. Meteor Shower (7/5/2004)
  5. My Boyfriend's Back (7/12/2004)
  6. Secret Service (7/19/2004)
  7. More (8/2/2004)
  8. Burned (8/9/2004)
  9. Ties That Bind (9/6/2004)
  10. Vice (9/13/2004)
  11. Alexandra (9/20/2004)
  12. Bellport (9/27/2004)
  13. Leverage (11/4/2004)
  14. Illusions (11/11/2004)
  15. The Big One (11/18/2004)
  16. The Cook, the Waitress, the GM and his Lover (12/2/2004)
  17. Sucker Punch (12/9/2004)
  18. Catwalk (12/16/2004)
  19. Shark (1/6/2005)
  20. The Ex-Games (1/13/2005)

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