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North And South was a dramatic miniseries about the friendship between two young men that meet at West Point. One of them is from South Carolina and lives on his family's plantation where they own slaves. The other is from Pennsylvania. His family owns a Steel factory. Even though they come from exactly the two groups of peoples whose disagreements led to the civil war, their friendship as individuals endures. (Although it gets a little "Rough" from time to time). Anyway, this balance of personal friendship with their different political views is what the miniseries is all about! There's plenty of action, drama, romance and suspense to make the politics and war interesting! A second miniseries continued the saga. To avoid any confusion between the two, the first miniseries is referred to as "Book One" and the second as "Book Two". The first one leads up to the civil war and the second occurs during the civil war. Each one is about 9 1/2 hours long and after watching them both you'll wish there was more! But be careful what you wish for! There was also a North and South Book Three. Unfortunately, it was pretty bad. A real shame that they didn't do more justice to the first two terrific parts.

North and South Cast List (Partial):

Patrick Swayze .... Orry Main
Kirstie Alley .... Virgilia Hazard
Lesley-Anne Down .... Madeline Fabray LaMotte
Johnny Cash .... John Brown
Morgan Fairchild .... Burdetta Halloran
David Carradine .... Justin LaMotte
Robert Guillaume .... Frederick Douglass
Hal Holbrook .... Abraham Lincoln
Gene Kelly .... Senator Charles Edwards
Robert Mitchum .... Patrick Flynn
David Ogden Stiers .... Congressman Sam Greene
Elizabeth Taylor .... Madam Conti
Jonathan Frakes .... Stanley Hazard
Forest Whitaker .... Cuffey
Lloyd Bridges .... Jefferson Davis
Olivia de Havilland .... Mrs. Neal
Linda Evans .... Rose Sinclair
Wayne Newton .... Major Thomas Turner
James Stewart............ Miles Colbert

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