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The New People TV show was a 45 minute drama series on ABC about a group of about 40 idealistic U.S. college students whose plane crashed on a deserted island. They decided to build a new society there that would not make the same mistakes of their parents' generation. They soon found, however, that when you're the ones in charge, events often lead to not so idealistic results!

The New People Cast

Tiffany Bolling .... Susan Bradley
Zooey Hall .... Bob Lee
Jill Jaress .... Ginny Loomis
Dennis Olivieri .... Stanley Gabriel
David Moses .... Gene Washington
Peter Ratray .... George Potter

The New People Trivia

The New People were on their way back to the U.S. when their plane crashed. They had been sent on a tour of Southeast Asia. The tour was sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and was intended to show the people there how wonderful the way of life was in the U.S. (Remember, this was during the height of the Vietnam War). After one student pulled down a flag from a Soviet Embassy and another student criticizes the tour on a local television broadcast, the State Department called the group home!

The deserted island where "The New People" crashed was a U.S. atomic testing site that, luckily, had never been used. The island's name was "Bomano". Since the site had been developed by the U.S. government, it had food, weapons, buildings, and other supplies that "The New People" could use.

If you watch the second episode of the series, "Charlie's Angels" titled, "The Mexican Connection", you'll see that the film of the New People's plane crashing was re-used on that episode!

The New People TV show's creator was Rod Serling ("The Twilight Zone" and "Night Gallery"). He used the pseudonym, "John Phillips" when he wrote the pilot script for the New People!

In addition to his many other acting credits, Peter Ratray who portrayed George Potter on The New People went on to starring roles on three soap operas! They were "Another World", "Search for Tomorrow", and "Ryan's Hope".

The New People Theme Song

Composed By: "Earle Hagen"

Performed By: "The First Edition"

The New People
Started out alone
Far away from home and friends.

They're young people
Young but still aware
Young with all they love to care.

What kind of world will they create?
Facing the problems of man
Thousands of years haven't solved them
But all of them think they can.

The New People
Starting from day one
And for each of them
Time has just begun.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/22/1969)
  2. Panic in the Sand (9/29/1969)
  3. The Tin God (10/6/1969)
  4. Murderer! (10/13/1969)
  5. Comes the Revolution, We Use the Girls' Shower (10/20/1969)
  6. Lifeline (10/27/1969)
  7. Marriage-Bomano Style (11/3/1969)
  8. Is This Any Way to Run an Island? (11/10/1969)
  9. The Dark Side of the Island (11/17/1969)
  10. A Bride in Basic Black - Part 1: The Courtship (11/24/1969)
  11. A Bride in Basic Black - Part 2: The Surrender (12/1/1969)
  12. The Pied Piper of Pot (12/8/1969)
  13. Speed Kills (12/15/1969)
  14. The Guns of Bomano (12/22/1969)
  15. The Prisoner of Bomano (12/29/1969)
  16. The Siege of Fern's Castle (1/5/1970)
  17. On the Horizon (1/12/1970)

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