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The Newlywed Game TV show was a 30 minute game show on ABC where couples who had been married less than one year were asked questions about each other while the other one was off stage. Often those questions were very personal in nature and the answers that each contestants partner gave were often surprising or even shocking to them. The couple whose responses matched up the most won a prize that was often a trip or furniture.

The Newlywed Game Cast

Bob Eubanks .... Host (1966-1980 / 1985-1988 / 1997-1998)
Paul Rodriguez .... Host (1988-1989)
Gary Kroeger .... Host (1996-1997)
Carnie Wilson .... Host (2009-2010)
Johnny Jacobs .... Announcer (1966-1974 / 1977-1980)
Rod Roddy .... Announcer (1984)
Bob Hilton .... Announcer (1985-1987)
Charlie O'Donnell .... Announcer (1987-1988)
Chuck Barris .... Creator / Producer

The Newlywed Game Trivia

The very first episode of the Newlywed Game aired on July 11, 1966. The Vietnam war was escalating at that time and just five days earlier Hanoi Radio had reported that downed American pilots were being marched through the streets of Hanoi through angry crowds. Secretary of State Robert McNamara gave a press conference that evening and both CBS and NBC chose to air it while ABC ran the premiere of the Newlywed Game. That resulted in one of TV's most watched premieres with ratings nearly as huge as the Superbowl and the show gained a tremendous following!

The Newlywed Game became so popular that it literally destroyed the ratings of CBS's long running game show "Password" which was canceled just 14 months later!

Some industry insiders claimed that The Newlywed Game turned ABC around at a time when it was struggling to stay alive in the ratings.

For its first three seasons "The Newlywed Game" was preceded by the equally popular series, "The Dating Game". The sexual references were also a draw for audiences on that series but the Newlywed Game took the ploy to even greater heights as American became more open about sex.

The Newlywed Game was the last TV series to premiere in Black and White. It didn't stay that way long though and changed to color broadcasts just two months later.

Network censors were considerably more picky in the mid 1960s than they are today. "Making Whoopie" was the most enticing phrase that they would allow Bob Eubanks to use when referring to having sex. The phrase became a catchphrase that has stuck with the show to this day.

You may have heard of the "in the Butt" episode where a wife was asked what the stangest place was that she ever had the desire to make whoopee and she answwered, "in the Butt". Of course, the question was designed to get a location as an answer like "on the washing machine" or "in the bathtub". Due to the lack of home VCRs in those days, there is no evidence of this ever occuring from fans. Bob Eubanks has repeatedly denied that this ever happened. Well ... in 1977 there was apparently an episode with all pregnant wives that pretty much proves the rumors true. It was rebroadcast on the Game Show Network. Hank Perez felt that his wife Olga Perez would say that the strangest place she had ever felt the urge to make whoopee was on the freeway in their car. When Olga was brought on stage to provide her answer, here is what happened:

Bob: Here's the last of our five-point questions. Girls, tell me where, specifically, is the weeeeeiirdest place that you personally, girls, have ever gotten the urge the make whoopee. The weirdest place. Olga?

Olga: Umm ... (audience laughs)


Bob: Yes, Olga?

Olga: Uh ...

Hank: Go ahead.

Bob: Yes, Olga?

Olga: I'm trying to think. Umm ... (Turns to her husband) Gee Hank, what did you say?

Bob: Hey, don't ask him. He can't help you out at all.

Olga: Is it in the a$$? (Last three words bleeped)

Bob: No no no ... no ... what I'm talking about is the weirdest location, the weirdest place ...

Olga: The weirdest location. I don't know. (Laughs)

Hank: (Laughs at the top of his lungs)

Bob Eubanks appeared on the new version of "I've Got A Secret" in 2001. His secret was that he worked as Dolly Parton's agent during the 1960s and the 1970s. Bob is also credited along with Alex Trebek as hosting the fourth largest number of game shows. They each have hosted nine game shows. Bill Cullen is number one at 23 shows, Wink Martindale is second at 13 and Tom Kennedy is third with 10.

For those who only know Carnie Wilson as the host of the Newlywed Game, she also was a member of the 1960s pop music group, "Wilson Phillips" who sold 12 million albums, had three number one singles and six top 20 hits! They were nominated for five Grammy Awards.

In addition to the sexual inuendos, another thing that attracted viewers to the Newlywed Game was when couples would get upset with each other over their answers. Sometimes the answers were embarrassing and sometimes one member of a couple would just get upset with their partner because they didn't match what they thought was an obvious answer. Unfortunately, these disagreements were even responsible for a few divorces!

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