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The Ned and Stacey TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on the FOX Network about a couple who decided to marry for rather untraditional reasons. Stacey couldn't find a decent apartment she could afford and Ned's apartment was everything she dreamed of. Ned needed a wife to be eligible for a promotion at his "family-values" oriented workplace. Can such a marriage work? Can true love blossom between two people who didn't really like each other to begin with? Perhaps .....

Ned and Stacey Cast

Thomas Haden Church .... Ned Dorsey
Debra Messing .... Stacey Colbert
Greg Germann .... Eric "Rico" Moyer
Nadia Dajani .... Amanda Moyer
Harry Goz .... Saul Colbert
Dori Brenner .... Ellen Colbert

Ned and Stacey Trivia

There were eleven episodes of the Ned and Stacey TV Show that were produced but did not originally air after Ned and Stacey was canceled. Their titles were:

Sex, Lies, and Commercials
Scenes From a Muffin Shop
The Skyward's the Limit
The Errand Girl
No Retreat, No Surrender
The Truth Shall Set You Back
I Like Your Moxie
Please Don't Squeeze the Eric
All That Chazz
Skippy's Revenge
Best of Luck on Future Projects

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Ned and Stacey (9/11/1995)
  2. Portrait of a Marriage (9/18/1995)
  3. Take My Wife, Please (9/25/1995)
  4. Cover Story (10/2/1995)
  5. Model Husband (10/9/1995)
  6. Saul and Ellen and Ned and Stacey (10/16/1995)
  7. Here's to You, Mrs. Binder (10/23/1995)
  8. Halloween Story (10/30/1995)
  9. Reality Check (11/13/1995)
  10. Thanksgiving Day Massacre (11/20/1995)
  11. Sleepless in Manhattan (12/4/1995)
  12. Threesome (12/11/1995)
  13. Accountus Interruptus (12/18/1995)
  14. New Year's Eve (1/1/1996)
  15. Paranoia on the 47th Floor (1/8/1996)
  16. A Tender Trap (1/15/1996)
  17. Promotional Rescue (1/22/1996)
  18. Friends and Lovers (2/12/1996)
  19. The Gay Caballeros (2/19/1996)
  20. Gut Feeling (2/26/1996)
  21. Pals (3/4/1996)
  22. It Happened One Night (3/11/1996)
  23. You Bet Your Wife (3/18/1996)
  24. The End? - Part 1 (4/1/1996)
Season 2
  1. The Other End - Part 2 (11/17/1996)
  2. Dorsey vs. Dorsey (11/24/1996)
  3. The Muffins Take Manhattan (12/1/1996)
  4. Computer Dating (12/15/1996)
  5. Les is More or Less Moral-less (12/22/1996)
  6. Loganberry's Run (12/29/1996)
  7. It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Eric (1/5/1997)
  8. Fifteen A-Minutes (1/6/1997)
  9. Prom Night (1/13/1997)
  10. Saved by the Belvedere (1/20/1997)
  11. Where My Third Nepal is Sheriff (1/27/1997)

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