Other NCIS series include "NCIS: Los Angeles", "NCIS: New Orleans" and "NCIS: Hawaii".

Series Description

The NCIS TV show is a 60 minute crime action series on CBS about the "Naval Criminal Investigation Service" team who investigate crimes commited by members of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. The series concentrates on the investigation both in the field and in the lab and continues until the perpetrator is captured.


Mark Harmon .... Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Michael Weatherly .... Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo
Pauley Perrette .... Abby Sciuto
David McCallum .... Doctor Donald "Ducky" Mallard
Sean Murray .... Timothy McGee (2004-)
Cote de Pablo .... Ziva David (2005-)
Sasha Alexander .... Caitlin "Kate" Todd (2003-2005)
Brian Dietzen .... Jimmy Palmer (2004-2010)
Lauren Holly .... Jenny Shepard (2005-2008)
Rocky Carroll .... Leon Vance (2008-2010)

NCIS Trivia

The NCIS TV show is considered a "spinoff series" of "JAG" even though the main NCIS characters were not regulars on JAG because the first two episodes of NCIS did appear on JAG. This technique is typically used to advertise a new series to fans of a show with a similar storyline.

NCIS then went on to spawn two series of its own. NCIS: Los Angeles characters appeared on this series first on the episodes titled, "Legend Part 1 (4/28/2009)" and "Legend Part 2 (5/5/2009)". NCIS: New Orleans characters were introduced on "Crescent City - Part 1 (3/25/2014)" and "Crescent City - Part 2 (4/1/2014)".

Agent Gibbs wears t-shirts that are sent in from law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. in the scenes where he's working on his boat. Sometimes he also wears a sweatshirt with the letters "NIS" on it. That's an acronym for "Naval Investigative Service" which was the agency that preceeded the "Naval Criminal Investigative Service" or "NCIS" for short.

Gibbs boat is an Amigo Kit manufactured by Glen-L. The tools he uses to work on the boat are mostly Mark Harmon's own personal tools from his home workshop.

NCIS writer and Executive Producer Donald P. Bellisario was not convinced that Mark Harmon would be right for the role of Agent Gibbs until he saw Harmon as Agent Simon Donovan on four episodes of "The West Wing" that aired just prior to the final casting of NCIS. After he saw Harmon's performance all of his doubts were gone. Nevertheless, Don Johnson was offered the role as Agent Gibbs first and turned it down.

Pauley Perrette seems very comfortable in her role as Forensic Investigator Abby Sciuto on NCIS. That is probably at least partially due to the fact that she majored in Forensics in college!

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