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The My World And Welcome To It TV show was a comedy series on NBC about a cartoonist who daydreamed about how he wished his life could be. During his daydreams, his cartoons would come to life often combining real-life film and animation. This series was a huge hit and won two Emmys during its only season. The show was canceled, however, due to the high cost of the animated segments.


William Windom .... John Monroe
Joan Hotchkis .... Ellen Monroe
Lisa Gerritsen .... Lydia Monroe
Henry Morgan .... Philip Jensen
Harold J. Stone .... Hamilton Greeley


My World and Welcome To It was based on the works of cartoonist and humorist, James Thurber. While Thurber did not take part in the production, the animated cartoon segments were done in his style.

William Windom is probably best known by baby boomers for his role as Congressman Glen Morley on the 1960s series, "The Farmer's Daughter". Ironically, Windom's great grandfather was a real life Congressman from Minnesota in the 1800s! Windom's most recent recurring role was as Dr. Seth Hazlitt for 11 seasons on "Murder She Wrote". Trekkies will never forget his role as Commodore Decker on the "Original Star Trek Series" episode titled, "The Doomsday Machine". Windon also appeared in one of the main roles in the 1962, triple academy award winning film, "To Kill a Mockingbird". His list of acting credits is nearly 250 items long!

William Windon only received one award nomination during his long career but he did very well with that one! He won the Emmy for his role on My World and Welcome To It in 1970 in the category, "Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Comedy Series". He had some formidable competition for that award. The other nominees were Lloyd Haynes for his role on "Room 222" and Bill Cosby on "The Bill Cosby Show".

My World and Welcome To It premiered at 7:30PM eastern on NBC and was followed by the hit comedy series, "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Man Against The World (9/15/1969)
  2. The Disenchanted (9/22/1969)
  3. Little Girls Are Sugar & Spice - And Not Always Nice! (9/29/1969)
  4. Christabel (10/6/1969)
  5. The Night The House Caught Fire (10/13/1969)
  6. The Ghost And Mr. Monroe (10/20/1969)
  7. Nobody Ever Kills Dragons Anymore (10/27/1969)
  8. Seal In The Bedroom (11/3/1969)
  9. The Saga Of Dimity Ann (11/10/1969)
  10. Friend Of The Earth (11/17/1969)
  11. Maid In Connecticut (11/24/1969)
  12. Native Wit (12/1/1969)
  13. The Shrike And The Chipmunks (12/8/1969)
  14. Rally Round The Flag (12/15/1969)
  15. The War Between Men And Women (12/22/1969)
  16. The Mating Dance (12/29/1970)
  17. Darn That Dream (1/5/1970)
  18. "Dear" Is A Four-Letter Word (1/19/1970)
  19. The Middle Years (1/26/1970)
  20. Rules For A Happy Marriage (2/2/1970)
  21. The Wooing Mr. Monroe (2/9/1970)
  22. The Mea Culpit Bit (2/16/1970)
  23. The Fourth Estate (2/23/1970)
  24. Monroe The Mysogonist (3/2/1970)
  25. Child's Play (3/9/1970)

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