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The My Two Dads TV show was a 30 minute family comedy series on NBC about two men who had been in competion for the same woman's love thirteen years earlier, but eventually both broke off their relationships. When the mother passed away, she left her 12-year-old daughter Nicole in the joint custody of the two men. No one knew which of the men was Nicole's biological father so she in essence had two dads who now found themselves competing for their daughter's love.

My Two Dads Cast

Greg Evigan .... Joey Harris
Paul Reiser .... Michael Taylor
Staci Keanan .... Nicole Bradford
Florence Stanley .... Judge Margaret W. Wilbur
Giovanni Ribisi .... Cory Kupkus
Dick Butkus .... Ed Klawicki (1987-1989)
Chad Allen .... Zach Nichols (1989-1990)

My Two Dads Theme Song

Title: "You Can Count on Me"

By: "Greg Evigan"

You can count on me.
No matter what you do.
You can count on me.
No matter where you go.

I'm standing by your side.
I'll be right behind.
No one loves you more than I do,
Put your hand in mine.

I can see a part of me in you.
A little something special that comes shining through.
I hear it in your laughter,
And I feel it when you cry,
I will be right there for you,
Until the day I die.
You can count on me.
No matter what you do.
You can count on me.
No matter where you go.
You can count on me.

My Two Dads Trivia

Nicole's two dads had very different lifestyles. Michael Taylor was a conservative "yuppie" type financial advisor and Joey Harris who was a liberal pop-artist. When Nicole and Michael moved in with Joey, those differences provided a lot of material for funny situations.

Paul Reiser would land the starring role on "Mad About You" less than 2 1/2 years after My Two Dads went off the air. By the end of Mad About You, both Reiser and his co-star Helen Hunt were earning one million dollars per episode!

Staci Keanan also went on to a starring role on "Step by Step" as did Chad Allen on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman".

Dick Butkus is one of the few sports stars to successfully make a second career in show business. Dick had been a two time all American line backer at the University of Illinois. He played football for the Chicago Bears from 1965-1973. He was named "All-Pro Linebacker" a whopping seven times! He also played in eight Pro Bowls in a row ((1965-1972)! He has been inducted into the NFL "Football Hall of Fame". Many football fans consider Mr. Butkus to be the finest (and meanest) linebacker in football history!

Nicole's biological father's identity was never disclosed. There was one episode where Nicole briefly thought that she wanted to know so a DNA test was actually performed. When Nicole really thought it over, she decided that she didn't want to harm her relationship with either of her two dads and she threw them away without looking. Judge Margaret did look at the results but she never revealed them either. After that episode, many fans speculated that neither Michael or Joey was Nicole's father but there's no evidence of that.

My Two Dads won a People's Choice Award in 1988. Well, it actually tied for first place with "A Different World".

My Two Dads and "Night Court" had a couple of crossover episodes. In one, Judge Margaret W. Wilbur appeared on Night Court and on the other, Richard Moll appeared on My Two Dads as his Night Court character "Bull".

For those of you who never watched My Two Dads, you may remember Greg Evigan from his starring role on an earlier series titled, "B.J. and the Bear".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/20/1987)
  2. Soho's by You (9/27/1987)
  3. Crime and Punishment (10/4/1987)
  4. Nicole's First Date (10/18/1987)
  5. Friends and Lovers (10/25/1987)
  6. Whose Night Is It, Anyway? (11/1/1987)
  7. Once a Son ... (11/8/1987)
  8. Sex, Judge, and Rock & Roll (11/15/1987)
  9. The Artful Dodger (11/29/1987)
  10. Quality Time (12/6/1987)
  11. 'Tis the Season (12/20/1987)
  12. The Only Child (1/3/1988)
  13. Joey's Mother-in-Law (1/10/1988)
  14. Nicole in Charge (1/17/1988)
  15. The Wedge (2/7/1988)
  16. Advice and Consent (2/14/1988)
  17. She'll Get Over It (2/21/1988)
  18. Michael's Sister Comes Over and Visits (2/28/1988)
  19. Nicole's Big Adventure (3/19/1988)
  20. My Fair Joey (3/28/1988)
  21. The Family in Question (5/9/1988)
  22. Friends of the Family (8/14/1988)
Season 2
  1. Blast from the Past (1/11/1989)
  2. Who's on First? (1/18/1989)
  3. Macho, Stupid Guy Time (2/1/1989)
  4. The Man in the Pink Slip (2/8/1989)
  5. Fallen Idol (2/15/1989)
  6. Story with a Twist (2/22/1989)
  7. Playing with Fire (3/1/1989)
  8. Dirty Dating (3/8/1989)
  9. The God of Love (3/15/1989)
  10. In Her Dreams (3/22/1989)
  11. Together We Stand (3/29/1989)
  12. The Courtship of Nicole's Fathers (4/5/1989)
  13. Crushed (4/12/1989)
  14. Basket Case (4/19/1989)
  15. You Love Me, Right? (5/7/1989)
  16. Getting Smart (7/29/1989)
Season 3
  1. That's No Lady, That's My Mother (9/24/1989)
  2. Say Goodnight, Gracie (10/1/1989)
  3. Love and Learn (10/15/1989)
  4. You Can Count on Me (10/22/1989)
  5. Joey Gets Pinned (10/29/1989)
  6. Story in Development (11/1/1989)
  7. Duel (11/5/1989)
  8. Dad Patrol (11/8/1989)
  9. Pop, the Question (11/15/1989)
  10. Thanks for the Memories (11/22/1989)
  11. Class (11/29/1989)
  12. I'm Dreaming of a Holiday Episode (12/20/1989)
  13. Power Struggle (1/10/1990)
  14. Bye Bye Baby (1/21/1990)
  15. Environ-mental Case (3/5/1990)
  16. Party, Sweet 16--See Appendix (3/12/1990)
  17. It's My Art, and I'll Die If I Want To (3/19/1990)
  18. To Thine Own Elf Be True (3/26/1990)
  19. You Only Surprise the Ones You Love (4/2/1990)
  20. Kind of a Drag (4/16/1990)
  21. When You Wish ... (4/23/1990)
  22. See You in September? (4/30/1990)

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